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JaniPS Lourft'ii nf. South for arranging an eiuma4utii. JKfiUfiglf0n, was the recent guest of irainnie presented dTirmg the after- j niv. IMlghtful vocal solos wtre Riven by Mrs. Batchelor, Mrs. Fragranf bloomi csrry brightnm and b«a«ty, ira»«« rilii MHi Uttum m4.

Choiet Mooms, direct from our own nurseries, will decorate the model rooms on display at the ShriiM AadtforiHm. N afternoon by St. Mary's Ladles Guild at St. Mary's Hatti—Vflle 1 Siiet't, waA a great social and fin- , anrial. Nunns, ftnd by Mis H. YflUaHIT'lhe guild i president. Th r tabf e s -were mosit charmingly arranv;o'l with Spring flowers, tuliixs predominaunn. Silver -candle-. Teasdale and Mxs. Mrs W. Pease, Mrs.

Herbert Anscomb Mrs. Miss H. Nunns, Mn. J Marshall. FiavcM Mrs McFarland. Pugh, Mr,s. F Eagles, Mrs. Han, Mrs. H: A Youdall, Mrs. MllLs and Mrs. Forrest and Mrs. Blowers, fol- I lowed by song. Foot's upll. H played. MLss Dorothy. Smi;h ga e a number of clever mu. BioweiM UllhC i4. McKensie Street. Tbt bride was iormcrly Miss Naeta Wsind. Women ol the Moom Victoria Chapter No. C Drysdale.

Ircle ' The Wtmicns Missionary Circle. J Parselt recently for i! Brown, through jllnes. H taken by Mrs. May 10, and a chiirch supper on Mondjiy evenlnff. May Saltsprffig I i. It tlip home of Mr. A considerable amount of. Walter M Walker, "Weald Road. Uplands, with the president. After the S. E W Horlun, a short busi- ness meeting wa. Denny Cre. Jt 1 her home. S xrial business pertaining to Grand Lcxlge All!

Victoria Lodge No. Saviour's iuild. St Saviour. Tir MRS. Ii ail. White have awived here. White will pre- pare the. Tyrrell, aon of Mr. The charmitiff bride wore a licx k of while lare with lonn. Miss Edna Sayer. Howard Tyrrell and Mr. Tyrell left for th'. Acre the principals, and Rev.

A defi UMoii the oQlciatwiK elergynian. The gioom was bup-. Dennis OlUbard, of Calgary,' and th'- brldr. Hiizel F'. I lie gl ixHii us the only son ol Mr. Gertrude, to Mr Kiiut Hol. Her sister, Margaret, who aet«d aa bridesmaid, wore a neavy. Mr Dahl. Uullen presided. An Interesi III. Spring flow«T show. An invitati. McClung wfis received MIsk B. Hall, R.

South Saanlch Institute uill hold a wool bee today at the Tem- perance Hall. East Saanlch Road. Chammade '. Mrd that ai:. Method: Have. Heal shortening and milk umil former Is melted. Beat egga until light, add sugar rapidly and bealUntn. V Payrolls' fiilly equipped kitchen which ha. Tlie Mayor intiodii'f'd by Mr Alex T. Cut in squares and serve. Trim and noat ir. S Androe smiled a wel- come to her audience and at once, began her demonstration' at which. She has the happy farultv of belnu; able to makr even the.

Metiiod: Cream shortening and. Wipe meat with a d. Fill meat cavity and fasten securely. Sprinkle 'meat with salt and pepper and rub with mustard. Place in 1 roa. Method — Mix all together and pack into a loaf pan. Bake in a moderate oven. At half-hour , intervals pour over It. H eup aalad dresslnfr. Bake in Kre. Four large aervtags. Ro6s McLachlan. I Codcburn-Waind wedding. Is leaving today for San Prancl.

James Wlckes t vk place yester George Campion and Miss ma, where they will spend the ucxt Haaarftaavty. Those present were Mra. William Blslr. GeorRP Tampion. Jack Talbot, Mrs. Fred Spencer en- tertained last night at a bridge party at their home.

In honor of their hou. Paul Mahone. Owan Bpencer, at supper time. Slnoe their arrival here on Monday. Kirby, Point Orey, Vancoinrer. Fill cavity with a softfiiito-»-flsh mould and chin quickly The same fine tea in ,a new package. N«w, frtsk laavts. Ble wdad MtA pKk9d m Victori a. Whip cream to cus- tard-like con.

Method— Toss together the poU toe. Method -Cream butter, add sifted suta: and the orange June. Ann's Th» commenoement exercises of St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nur. Yesterday afternoon. Ben Davles entertained at a delightful tea party at her home on Linden Avenue. Several other parties are being arranged In honor of the vls- f or ttaalr horaa. Fred Robertson. Sinclair Road. Cad- boro Bay, will be open to the public his afternoon in the Interest of the soroptimist Club In aid of its wel- fare work, tha Children a Aid Re- ceiving Home.

Hobertaon baa been arranging the party and tea will be served by members of the dub. Leaving for OvleBi Mr and Mrs. Tyrrell will leave Method Soak ROlatm in cold 8 o'clock. George Hall will be water, dissolve in. OarnLsh set gelatin with slicm of egg and olives. Make a s. Allan W. John 'h. Mouat, Rainbow Road. In the large hall. Johnson prMlded over a supi»rfluity stall and Mrs.

Btuart Holmes one of mi. Par- sons and Mrs. Ross Young: flowers and plants. Norton: home- made candy. May and Mrs. JameskI Tea wa. Mrs J. Robinson and Mrs. At the tea hour an enjoyable miLsical programme was given on Saturday next aboard the Ss. Pour into scalded milk and cook until thickened, stirring to prevent lumping about thiriv minutes. Line a greji. Hints on the laundering of fine fabrics, tintiir:.

As It Is expected tiiat tonight's crowd will be even greater than that nf last evening It l. S lUy filled In tlie inter- val Ivlmc the class bes. Peakcr at the piano. Lustily the crowd Joln'ed- in old favorites. The school continues this evening. R TonikiiLS. Winnipeg: Mr. MacKay, Vancouver: Mr. Everett: Mr.

C Smith. Santos, Mr 11 I Howard. Vancotrrrr; Miss C A Meii- deu, bcjiltle. Mainit, Vancouver: Mrs. Dixon and Mrs. Cour- lenjiy: Mr. Armstrong, Toronto. John K. Whittler: from Van- couver, Mr. D Williams. George L..

James; from Win- nipeg. EJdward Kankm; from London, Eng.. Sherman: from Monte Creek. Hughes and Mrs. Mrs E. Mrs H. Mr and Mrs. Roys and daughter. N Shaw. McCIint H k. Icf- ferd, Ml. Mlaa Diana Drabble. Bev- ertdge.

Fotherlngham, Mr. Johnston, all of Vancouver Mr and. W Crombte. Victoria: Mr. D Fulton, Kamloopa: Mr. Hsise lto w ; Mis. Port M'xxlv. Cumbei ;,iik! Sidney; Mr. Miss Marlon Tyrrell, and Mr. John Doyle in Hongkong on June They will later visit relatives in ShifafiOre before retumlaj borne In several month. Sherman 1. S a retired banker from India, and Mrs Sherman i. Mr, and Mrs. San Cartoe Ave- nw Mrs Yardley. Knox and Mrs Hugo Beaven are leay- mc todH'.

Knox and Mrs Beaven will be Judges at the eighth annual flower show to be held at. Laurelhurst Park on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Maclfle Niven will address the weekly meeting of the Victoria. Cetotral W-CT-U. ClemanU, Raittoon ttteet. Pednault, "Trees. In the weight guessing competi- tion the fruit cake made and donated t'v Mic president, was won by Mrs i! Stuart Holmea. There were thirty- two members present, and Mrs. Pear son. Cos- tain, of QualK-um Beach, occupied the chair.

Arrangementa were also made for twenty representatlvi late Mrs. Caaopbell of Owen. Sound ttm bride, who 'i. B, Brooks, woo of the union to attend tha B. You'd belter ntlcli here. Hugh Malcolm was mp- proaching not from that. Pres- ' enky Kate's voice iold her. Perhaps next you ta the library, come—" r.

For TintCX from. Mcgligcea, D r e-s s e a. A salc,. May 5 tr. Did the phimber enme down fo inspect the pipe. At last she- met his punled gaze. Just now you mean? Val ihoiisht. See here what's the gag? You've lei my little stage storm get on your nerves. Leslie was merely playing the part of a tlmUK young man frightened within an inch of Ms life by ft. Where were youj going if I hadn't ooqii aiong-rback to Kate's? I Just wanted to enough to ge't away. Tliey caa't get sway I think. She Miw him lift a hand.

Leslie Crawford Her tfiroat was dry The audience doesn't know yet. Then confirmation of what. V si, N. Ml 'hat i. When you »ee »li. She dropped Into a chair. Val thought, "You're trj-lnij to convince your. Bret 1 think I'll v,o b. It wasnt. Horror was written In every line of his face. When she. You and "Ouy ind. After all. An so," said Kate, lookmn down i! Why did you ask that. Today Only! Smart colors. Sixes 9 to 10', z. SfieaM aisar fw a t e» eelo»». Thii morBiB The PM iiiuK lispi.

Ihr w'lrUl" air- plane. They had Ka;ricd thu trr. MAY MOOfd- mg to the Individual case. The anchor n'as made of bronze, the cables being qi henip, and a fl. Table linlve. Even the galley eooklng rangp wius madf the con. Rec-entiy the veteran. He is , now in England on behalf of the '. May 5 t4'i. O0 fet-t of coiuluded the takin;; ol tcsiimony tQdav iti I ' imiiTt ion wiUi the cra.

The Russia had a large list of travelers on the Pacific crossing, and all thoroughly appreciated! York after the COlUston the cSoru of the. Chiltf Steward Weaton'a department' wai particularly active to the danca. Miiv A fatnon. Tlie giant ciafi is oxix'cied at" Lakehuist N J. S«luilU- a Honi. The e leven boats in man Foreign Offlre; United Staira ated testimony given vesierday.

OOOi' naval' Comniaiidi. Cecil Hebley, lookout who wa. Cntrli l. Joai lnt«Mc. July Lawrence River I pa. Father Point. SuhIuIc West. Hrre p. Pori wamiaa ton. Oantrt Harlte:. Chijta and Japan. May 9. NT Phillppuiei.

China 1 and Japan. New Zealand. PlJl and Hawaii. Mav 1. N - Philippines. Japan and Hawaii. May 3. China and Phllipp. China and eopi , aaturday and Bunday at I a. May J Due at Yokohama. May N. Mny ig. May f PHE. May 9 Due at Yokohama. May 1 1 Due at YokohAnU. May Slaiithai. June Shaiiiiiiai. June 9. June 13;. June May J Oiia at Wellinaton. May 2S. June n. June JJ. June 37 M. After tourinR ttv United Slates.

Native to Shop A. S no Kood SometiiiieA he losea and. Wednesday Priday. It u P m Malta duo Monday. S t 10 Honolulu Mails. Mav 3. Ill i: Railways pn the- morning of AUgU6t Leaving Churchill Angast n, the Na. Wolsteii- holme. TukU Arctic B. October Ooiistaiu w lrele. May 5 XT,— aepain to the Brit-ish freighter St. St Quentin bound from NtJf port. The Cy Peck will call at the following Gulf Islands ports en route Pat- scngtrs may disembark at any of thast resorts — rejoining the ship on the ratiirn journey — or continue with the cruise to the last port of call.

Whittakcr Re-. Whlttaker, M. H Stevenson, aMlfitani master of Harrow School. Montreafi3 wfcncc wpreaenCatlve or 'hp party, arrl-ved In Victoria yes- terday. Bar- nard told nicinbT, of Bitlam. Bamaid is Brlti. He waa tettrodtaead by A Q. Ho told how actlvitiea ot. Nrvniiber Tltesc men.

UOlOjv There. Ooverhments iiilv bv surmounting great «b. WhUtakM teuehod upon loc»l matten. Ten thousand dol- lars hadHMan put In the budget for malnlenance work thla year, but he was not in a poelUon to aay hew iiuirh would be Spent on permanent Improvements. Whlttaker remind- ed his audience that throughout the election Premier Pattullo had advo- cated tliat tlie national credit be used to provide employment Kince his election he.

Whlt- taker aald. OWjOOe on public works. The Houra of Work Act had been lUnended. He alao dwelt upon State Reatth Imur- ance. Robert Conncll. He declared that the CCF. Martin spoke of the treaty between Canada and the United States. It wa. He aUted that Can ada already waa reaping a benefit Irom the pact, and lU operation for ft year would, ht felt. A plar. M Purd. Matthlaa' A. Majtthlaa' Hall. Lillian Road, this evening This affair will bo spei-laily for the jroung folk.

You willssve all Umw Icft-OTcri from crcry meal — you luTe no more espcn- liTO food spoiling-— and you'll te able to buy foods in quan- tity at week-end lower prices. E ttitpo«t Ranfi. ViA it accurately controlled heat, you can roast OMac without watching or baatiag. Yob «aa Kake an endless Tsriety of tempting recipes, with neref a fear of failure. Ilutpomi otfcrs you loweit cost electric Lookoy. Uormatvt In thU city; tor almoM a ir adr. Poit TJo 1. Captain Glenna Collt ll Varc. W ill. SlbIe angle No.

Uian eight. James DouKlas these men offered their services as I In a fighting letter to young Cecil j was defeated and. Fry, of tl e A. The boys gained possession of the srfverware by of C. Kitkinson manager. Duncan, H. Frost, K Moss captain. McDonald The definition of, an amateur tMll principles. Hill club sponsor.

Front row, left to ric ht. Westgate, K Mvlfs, A Politano, not be altered. Joyce and V. Vare and Dorla Bftlnc Oham- " r abaent when the pictur e was taken. However, after some dbcut- Uchool teanu. Wliila readily admitilng I lacrosse. Vare and Patty f, Minneapolis, vs.

Wanda Mor- gan. Lcoaa Ciicncy. Pam Barton. B Walker, Troon. I Mrs. Opal Hill. Twcsomes: Vare vs. Morgan; Berg vs. Holm; Oluitmg v. Barton; Crews vs. Walker; Cheney vs. An- derson: Hill vs, OarMi. Memphis has cracksd out fifteen hits in twelve games, six of them an a pinch hitter. Billy Sullivan. Cleveland catcher. A Scarbor- outh. Other prizes win be awarded. The time was 1. Slapi ed. Mc- Cown, of Anchor, U»ok the lead St the outset, with victory fore- shadowed early when he took clear command and led the field through- out to win by two len?

Tlie " inner iaid «fi M. Oiaiitu Bullivau, tndtsna II rvrraU. MT «tl ID! Indian Hunt«r. Ladv Clemant. Elect Jeatle. Booinrttr, Pulfllled. I 13 3-S A! Prince Macavt. Shatta Kirr, Camarilla. Harry Prank. Wyonlnt Daisy Morcharm. Martle D, Vulnrouv. Cli«rle» Adee. JJ9 Time. I no Also rail' Miaa Balko. Hi«h Are. Ml l-t. Alap ran: Hedon. Tamat- piaa. Al Skinner. Phil Ranozzuio and Cieorge Brother. But the Britons, generally smarter boxers than. Stuart otit- pointed the other Amcncan heavy, Jin Howell.

AAU bodie. KHA proposals for widening the definition of ai. Duncan he had changed hu mmd. Fry s stand is that the C. At the. Sunday, May 17, it was announced yesterday by Secretary Jim Smart. FxfMf Painter, the present champion, will by Pre. Allen in Uvo! Lowp se c tions. Clubs are reminded liliaL entries for all sections will close on Satur- day, May f. Alao ran: Happy Hunter. BriUiant Queen. Storm iSle«erti »7 40 i 4 in 13 M I Northrutt. I AlawiH.

Ouri- '. Bon of Da. Shikat »imm m, and Ah Babe ao6. Carrie Smith -of Hukhmson. Sue orafton. Idler Kiinm. Mrs flivia. Mr Bun? A U organlzation. Of- ficials will add to the teams if other members wlrtrto play.

Freddy Clunk. Jean Travot on a trumped-up charge of treason before a Military Court on March BPnSd moved that the sentence be set aside until the King would haVe s ehsnce to con- sider a plea of mercy. The King was in Veraallles. Ave days awsy and Mrs. TYkvot was thrn on hT wav to see him On his moUfll being denied. The Court con. Kuehn at 7T1 nnntten Avenue. N J has been ' Bourse Pimre In four towns, but has never beexi moved.

It was built tei VaUsburf. Maplewood— all three of the other Xowns bordering. UueaK ri »in« Time tJrmUtr rrnir. Hi» rt'nr- B in r tl «. N ins , 10'. Christopher Vs. I Darcu. Hunnlngs A V. King vs. Eight defeated of above will form the first ilfgfit. Macdonald H liusband vs. Di F M Bryant v!

Millar vs. N Horsey. H i J P,:t»nd v. Boyd J. Oray vs. Sro-- L.. WoQdhou«e v. McCsrter v. Knox matically ' R. Ly op. The boys had all day In Winnipeg and they certainly enjoyed their stay. The Tollers cannot af-fni 'u do enough lor their vUltors.

Howard Phipps arltes from Del- Warren »ere three of the original— rav Beach. I both rrulf. A ik'r and. The Sox also did mast of 'hrir aiorlng on foiir-baKg cr. The A. H 8 1 Ballcrlrfi- -Kennedy and tA'well: Xellfy. I understand this is somewhat off-topic but I needed to ask. Does building a well-established website such as yours take a large amount of work? I'm brand new to operating a blog but I do write in my journal every day. I'd like to start a blog so I can easily share my personal experience and views online.

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Share shares For many, supporting the NHS has also offered an opportunity to make friends and take up new activities. Share 63 shares The sick, the homeless, hard pressed school teachers, people making toilet seats, chocolate and sandwich toasters all have been promised a boost from Boris's bottomless money pit. Here, volunteers share the stories of how they've given their all to the NHS over the past year. Gamers will go freaking nutso over Games being given out daily.

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He adds that it was B who approached Heath for help with his sexuality - rather than having a "cure" imposed on him in exchange for leniency over drugs charges, as suggested by Bill Rushton at the time. However, Schuchat emphasized that the main health concern at this time is for pregnant women who are exposed to the virus.

Zika infection as likely, particularly in southern states, the United States enjoys certain advantages that should keep such an outbreak limited to a small area, Schuchat said. But, limited U. Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the U. SWAN is an ongoing study of the biological, physical, psychological and social changes in more than 3, middle aged women who were recruited at seven sites across the U.

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The campaign event in Toledo offers Trump an opportunity to spotlight before a friendly crowd his decision to order the fatal drone strike against Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani, while keeping the U. Following his order to kill Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, and the dangerous aftermath of Iran launching missiles at U.

From his prime-time perch on the top-rated cable network, Carlson has advocated restraint in dealing with Iran, and resisted cheerleading the Trump-ordered drone killing of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani. But with the relief came some mixed feelings about how far Iran should go to avenge the killing of Revolutionary Guard Gen.

Qassem Soleiman, the country's most powerful commander who was slain by a U. Iranian Revolutionary Guard general. Thursday by a top Iranian military general. Baghdad last week. His death brought an outpouring of grief across the country, and Iran responded early Wednesday by firing a barrage of ballistic missiles at two Iraqi military bases housing American troops.

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Follow the link below to sign up and get started today. The broker provides investors with live quotes directly from top-tier liquidity providers in the market. The FCA is a renowned and rigorous financial watchdog with many safety systems in place for retail traders.

HotForex is a legit, regulated broker. With over 10 years of established service and trading opportunities across various asset classes, it provides a good platform for inexperienced and veteran investors. The HotForex virtual to real demo contest is a promotional bonus incentive available to traders in on the HF Markets Group global platform.

Note, this is not available to UK clients. The broker offers two trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. The platforms can be downloaded from the HotForex website and via QR codes. If you are looking for alternatives to HotForex we have compiled a list of the top 5 brokers that are similar to HotForex below. This list of brokers like HotForex is in order of similarity and only includes companies that accept traders from your location. Reviews Avatrade Vantage Nadex Deriv.

Forex Forex Trading Forex Brokers. Stocks Stock Trading Stock Brokers. Crypto Crypto Trading Crypto Brokers. Home Online Brokers and Trading Platforms Traders in Russia welcome. Show All. Accepted Countries Alternatives to HotForex. HotForex vs Select Broker SEO jobs in Hyderabad. Home About Contact Log In. Gold Today Signal barchart. Gold Signal. Not seeing a widget? More info. Live Chat. Gold Prise To get the gold price , please enable Javascript. Forex Signal.

Forex Training Centre. Powered by Blogger. KitKo Gold News Kitko. About Me View my complete profile. Support And Resistance Gold. International Market. Currency Rate. Forex Ads. By completing the form below you automatically get a HotForex Demo Account.

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