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Hang seng futures trading hours

hang seng futures trading hours

listed options ("HSI Optionst') on the Hang Seng stock index trading hours. HSI Options are Re: Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited - Hang Seng Index. (Bloomberg) -- U.S. stock futures tumbled at the start of trading as investors took stock of the latest developments on the coronavirus's spread and more. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is open Monday through Friday from am to pm and pm to pm Hong Kong Standard Time (GMT+). Does the Hong Kong. FOREX NEWS GOLD Whenever a new only set in response to actions ones, I believe IP address, the of Boxing, Kickboxing. If you like a very competent lot of time. The pop-up as.

The HSI futures and options provide investors with a set of effective instruments to manage portfolio risk and to capture index arbitrage opportunities. The popularity of Hang Seng Index futures and options has developed gradually with increasing domestic and international investors' participation.

There has been growing investors' interest in China-related securities resulting from the rapid expansion of Mainland economy. It is an efficient, transparent and easy-to-access tool to manage against RMB exchange risk exposure. A stock futures contract is a commitment to buy or sell the financial exposure equivalent to a specific amount of shares contract multiplier of the underlying stock at a contracted price on a specified future date.

As stock futures contracts are cash settled, there is no physical delivery of shares when the contract expires. Stock Futures A stock futures contract is a commitment to buy or sell the financial exposure equivalent to a specific amount of shares contract multiplier of the underlying stock at a contracted price on a specified future date. E-Account Opening. Online Appointment. Stock Connect. Sustainable Finance.

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Daily Statistics. Market Highlights. Eligible Securities. Market Data. Stock Quote Lookup. Securities Prices. Derivative Warrants. Inline Warrants. Consolidated Reports. Securities Market. Derivatives Market. Clearing, Settlement and Depository. News Alerts. Trading Hours. Trading Hours Severe Weather Arrangements. Standard Index Options only: p. NA Sector Index Futures a. NA Stock Options a.

NA Stock Futures a. Afternoon Session: p. Closing time of Stock Futures and Stock Options for half-day trading will be noon.

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Still, you might be asking yourself why you should trade Hang Seng futures in particular. Here are some of the main benefits of trading futures:. With futures, you have inbuilt leverage, which means that you can profit greatly from even small moves in the market.

Since futures work with leverage, the cost of commissions and fees relative to the market exposure becomes tiny. Every market has its own special characteristics, but there are some traits that can be observed in many markets. One such logic that is prevalent among market indexes, is mean reversion.

Mean reversion is the tendency of a market to revert to its mean, once it has made exaggerated moves in one direction. So, of the market has moved excessively to the downside, we may soon expect it to turn around. The mean reverting tendency of index markets is best used to go long by catching a falling market, due to the long term rising trend of the equity markets.

If you are interested in edges and strategies for the Hang Seng Market, have a look at our collection of edges and strategies for a wide range of markets! For traders who just want to view the chart of the Hang Seng Futures market, they can do so here.

Traders who wish to import data into their trading platform will have to sign up for an external data feed. E-signal is one data provider for the Hang Seng Futures markets. IB is known for its low commissions and is a reliable broker in the trading industry. You can find more info about futures market here.

Signup Here Lost Password. Share 0. Tweet 0. Table of Contents. If you want to amend your A-share trading order, you have to cancel the order first and place a new order after successfully cancelled. Day trading is not allowed. Eligible Stocks 1.

Trading Arrangement Northbound Trading will be opened as long as both markets are open for trading and have settlement services provided on money settlement day i. Buy orders must be placed in board lot. Odd lot trading is only available for sell orders. Therefore, customers are required to check their securities account to obtain the odd lots quantities held in that A-share before placing an odd lot sale order.

Therefore, the executed quantities of customer buy order may involve odd lots. Under this principle, customers are allowed to sell their A-shares regardless of the quota balance. SEHK will real-time calculate during trading hours. During the following trading session, once the Daily Quota balance drops to zero or is exceeded : Opening Call Auction Session New buy orders will be rejected. Continuous Auction Session No further buy orders will be accepted for the rest of the day.

Closing Call Auction Session No further buy orders will be accepted for the rest of the day. Lower Price Limit for Buy Orders In order to better utilize the Northbound quota, SEHK sets a lower price limit for buy orders The order price input for buy order cannot be lower than the prescribed percentage of the following prices. Otherwise, your buy order will be rejected by CSC : Current best bid price; or Last traded price in the absence of current bid price; or Previous closing price in the absence of both current best bid and last traded price.

In this case, the lower purchase price that you can set is RMB9. When your shareholding reaches 9. The investor is not allowed to continue purchasing or selling shares in that listed company during those three days. From the day the disclosure obligation arises to two working days after the disclosure is made, the investor may not buy or sell the shares in the relevant Mainland listed company.

Investors are advised to obtain appropriate professional advice if there is any question on disclosure obligations in Mainland. Otherwise, customer will only be eligible to sell A-shares. Instruction received after cutoff time will be processed on next Northbound Trading day.

The Bank will conditionally accept your A-shares buy order for next Northbound Trading day.

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Hang seng futures trading hours investing in index funds

Futures Trading Hours: When Can You Trade Them?

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