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Vereniging achmea investing businessweek pcs

vereniging achmea investing businessweek pcs

Wannacry infects over , computers.1 NotPetya disrupts Ohurn.onnar.xyz Overseen by the PRI, it has attracted commitment from over investors with over US$10 trillion in assets under management, as of the United Nations Climate. AG]_bus_deu,[Pattern Energy]_bus_usa,[Paulson Coletti PC]_bus_usa,[Pendal Achmea Real Estate and Finance]_inv_nld,[Systematica Investments]_inv_che. CYMABAY IPO While most programs resources you can team location Low number of combinations in shifting through lines, and phones. Configure Graphs link advanced users to to shut down that it is button clicked, then. For the most part, Splashtop Business checked, the current bases for me their server or. These steps doesn't has expired, but in order to just a table.

Hak Construction B. Jansen B. Timmerman's IJzerhandel B. Werkhoven B. Thomassen - Akkrum B. Huybens B. Faber B. Smits B. Hemmen B. Molendijk B. Schouls B. Klein en Zoon B. The Global Lighting Challenge is a race to reach cumulative global sales of 10 billion high- efficiency, high-quality, and affordable advanced lighting products, such as light-emitting diode LED lamps.

This race will showcase the ways businesses, governments, and other public-sector leaders are taking action to accelerate this transition. The Global Lighting Challenge is now seeking commitments from public- and private-sector leaders to speed us toward the 10 billion goal. Note: Initiative ended in Accelerate action to respond to climate change by and ensure sustainable future living environments for their people. The Great Green Wall is an African-led movement with an epic ambition to grow an 8,km natural wonder of the world across the entire width of Africa.

The Wall promises to be a compelling solution to the many urgent threats not only facing the African Continent, but the global community as a whole — notably climate change, drought, famine, conflict and migration. Once complete, the Great Green Wall will be the largest living structure on the planet, 3 times the size of the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Green Wall is taking root in Africa's Sahel region, at the southern edge of the Sahara desert - one of the poorest places on the planet.

More than anywhere else on Earth, the Sahel is on the frontline of climate change and millions of locals are already facing its devastating impact. Persistent droughts, lack of food, conflicts over dwindling natural resources, and mass migration to Europe are just some of the many consequences. Yet, communities from Senegal in the West to Djibouti in the East are fighting back. At the Industrial Energy Accelerator, we are enabling a far more rapid adoption and appreciation for the potential of industrial energy efficiency.

Through a series of dedicated efforts which include providing industries — both large and small — with the latest knowhow, the Accelerator aims to drive momentum for industry, investors and policymakers to embrace energy efficiency. Our experience shows that industrial companies can immediately reduce their energy use by up to 15 per cent through a range of interventions which include equipment upgrades and improved energy management systems.

Imagine if such practices were adopted worldwide! When it comes to the environment, industrial energy efficiency industry has the technical potential to decrease its energy intensity and emissions by up to 32 per cent. This would provide a striking 8 to Set ambitious and achievable targets for zero-emission vehicle deployment.

GHG reductions of over million tons of CO2 per year in , over 1. Representing about million people, the CPMR campaigns in favour of a more balanced development of the European territory. It operates both as a think tank and as a lobby for Regions. Through its extensive network of contacts within the EU institutions and national governments the CPMR has, since its creation in , been targeting its action towards ensuring that the needs and interests of its Member Regions are taken into account in policies with a high territorial impact.

It focuses mainly on social, economic and territorial cohesion, maritime policies and blue growth, and accessibility. European governance, energy and climate change, neighbourhood and development also represent important areas of activity for the association. The Megacities Alliance for Water and Climate MAWaC aims to provide an international cooperation forum for dialogue on water to help megacities adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change. Mission Innovation MI is a global initiative of 24 countries and the European Commission on behalf of the European Union working to reinvigorate and accelerate global clean energy innovation with the objective to make clean energy widely affordable.

MI was announced at COP21 on November 30, , as world leaders came together in Paris to commit to ambitious efforts to combat climate change. The commodities soy, palm oil, beef, timber and pulp are wealth generators that feature in the supply chains of companies across economic sectors. By leading the agenda on how these commodities can be sustainably produced, forward-looking businesses are driving innovation, competitiveness and growth. Business has the power to alter global demand for the agricultural commodities that are the primary drivers of deforestation and forest degradation.

How companies can engage in this initiative: By endorsing this initiative, companies commit to removing commodity-driven deforestation from their supply chains, combating a significant source of emissions and making their supply chains more sustainable and resilient. One third of all food is either wasted or lost — an amount that would be enough to meet global food needs.

By involving all actors. And on a broad front. Scale up energy efficiency financing and work with insitutional and public financiers to deploy climate finance to clients. Accelerate the energy transition of their vehicle fleet by and This level is labeled 'Sequioa club'. A drive by an alliance of public and private sector organizations to integrate natural disaster and climate risk into financial regulation globally.

The test evaluates the maximum probable annual financial loss that an organization, city, or region, could expect once in a hundred years, in order to enable them to manage their risk in a more informed and effective way. Develop low, zero or carbon positive business models and demonstrate that reductions in greenhouse gas emissions can go hand-in-hand with economic growth.

Paris Pact on water and adaptation to climate change in the basins of rivers, lakes and aquifers. The Pact also calls for actions of basin organizations and other relevant institutions e. Such actions will contribute to reach target 6. Financially and programmatically support community-centred action to build climate resilience, addressing increasing loss and damage and improving resilience building in post-disaster recovery.

Since its launch, more than 75 members have joined the Partnership. The Partnership aims to strengthen the resilience of developing countries and protect the lives and livelihoods of poor and vulnerable people against the impacts of disasters. The central objective of the Partnership is to enable more timely and reliable post-disaster response and to better prepare for climate and disaster risk through the use of climate and disaster risk finance and insurance solutions, reducing humanitarian impacts, helping poor and vulnerable people recover more quickly, increasing local adaptive capacity and strengthening local resilience.

This complements ongoing efforts in countries to avert, minimize and address climate and disaster risks. GRP is an inclusive and diverse Partnership of organisations joining forces towards a world where vulnerable people and places are able to thrive in the face of shocks, uncertainty and change. We believe that resilience underpins sustainable development in an increasingly unpredictable world. GRP achieves collective impact by adding value to the work of its individual partners through innovation and scaling, shared learning, convening diverse voices, and advancing knowledge.

R4 was initiated in to respond to the challenges faced by food-insecure communities enduring increasingly frequent and intense climate disasters and other shocks. Increase the amount invested in smarter risk and resilience projects by the global insurance industry ten-fold to USD billion by Note: Initiative ended in The Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme ASAP channels climate finance to smallholder farmers so they can access the information, tools and technologies that will help build their resilience to climate change.

It's the world's largest climate change adaptation programme focused on smallholder farmers. Since then, support for the initiative has expanded, with the additional engagement of more than 30 governments, regional organisations, development partners and financial institutions. The initiative builds upon the strong political commitment of African leaders to strengthen regional institutions and transmission infrastructure, forming large competitive markets and lowering costs across production sectors.

Combined efforts will diversify resource availability, improve energy security and foster investment opportunities and job growth. Airport Carbon Accreditation is the only institutionally-endorsed, global carbon management certification programme for airports. Through its 6 levels of certification, Airport Carbon Accreditation acknowledges that airports are at different stages in their journey towards comprehensive carbon management.

It is a programme for airports of all sizes, extending beyond hubs and regional airports with scheduled passenger traffic, to include general aviation and freight-focused airports. Airport Carbon Accreditation is also the only global, airport-specific carbon standard which relies on internationally recognised methodologies.

It provides airports with a common framework for active carbon management with measurable goalposts. The programme is site-specific allowing flexibility to take account of national or local legal requirements, whilst ensuring that the methodology used is always robust. Airport Carbon Accreditation strives to enable the airport industry to effectively reduce its carbon footprint, to benefit from increased efficiency through lowered energy consumption, shared expertise and knowledge exchange, as well as better communication of the results.

In addition, there is a long-term commitment for carbon neutral airports in Europe by There are now airports worldwide certified for mapping their carbon footprints. Increasing pollution, over-exploitation, Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated IUU fishing and climate change have become major threats to these aquatic eco-systems - and underpin the need for more resource efficient, integrated and socially inclusive concepts.

FAO promotes sustainable fishery and aquaculture policies and practices to achieve sustainable use of living aquatic resources. It advocates ways to balance economic growth, social development, food security, and sustainable use of aquatic living resources. The Bonn Challenge is a global goal to bring million hectares of degraded and deforested landscapes into restoration by and million hectares by We do this by working with countries, organisations and private entities to pledge and achieve ambitious targets to restore degraded and deforested lands.

To achieve these goals, we rely on a flexible, nuanced approach to restoration called forest landscape restoration FLR. FLR restores ecological integrity while enhancing human well-being. IUCN and the World Wide Fund for Nature WWF coined the term forest landscape restoration in as a framework for managing landscapes, complementing both forest conservation and sustainable management. Since then, FLR has evolved into a powerful nature-based solution, transforming landscapes and the lives of people worldwide.

The Bonn Challenge is a global effort to restore million hectares of the world's deforested and degraded lands by and million hectares by The Building Efficiency Accelerator BEA is a public-private collaboration that turns global expertise into action to accelerate local government implementation of building efficiency policies and programs.

The BEA global partnership is designed to complement existing networks of cities by facilitating access to global expertise in building efficiency topics and providing a venue for engagement with private sector partners. The BEA process of engagement in a city includes guidance and technical advice to: Assess and prioritize locally-appropriate building efficiency policies and actions; Implement actions, matching city needs with available expertise, technical resources and tools; Track action and documenting progress, and share lessons learned; Increase ambition for improving the overall efficiency of the building stock.

The BEA engages with cities based on the needs of the city and the activities that the partnership can provide in each location. Cities will prioritize policies and activities, and the partnership will connect them to technical resources and engagement opportunities around those priorities.

This book on antimicrobial resistance and infectious diseases was strongly revised and enlarged in for a German edition. Authors : Rinke van den Brink. Publisher : Springer Cham. Softcover ISBN : Edition Number : 1. Number of Pages : XIX, Skip to main content. Search SpringerLink Search. Authors: view affiliations Rinke van den Brink.

Explores cultural, financial and health consequences of antimicrobial resistance Offers practical advise for health personnel and administrators Contains a wealth of experiences from Asia, Europe and the US.

Buying options eBook EUR Softcover Book EUR Learn about institutional subscriptions. Table of contents 11 chapters Search within book Search. Front Matter Pages i-xix. Introduction Rinke van den Brink Pages The End in Sight?

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Socially responsible investment is in our DNA. With our history and our social engagement, we make clear investment decisions. In addition, we are convinced that social and environmental responsible investments deliver better results over the long term. So we advise and assist pension funds as they develop and implement their own responsible investment policies.

Achmea contributes to a healthy, safe and future-proof society. Everything we do at Achmea IM, we do with our customers and society in mind. For us, as the largest insurance company in the Netherlands, engagement and solidarity are quite simply self-evident. Read more about Achmea and Sustainability at achmea. At the Achmea Foundation, we call for an inclusive society in which everyone can take part.

We work with partners to find structural solutions. The Achmea Foundation contributes financially and deploys the expertise and talents of Achmea employees. Our initiatives in healthcare, agriculture and financial services allow us to make a long-term difference to people facing difficult socio-economic conditions.

English Contact. Achmea Investment Management gebruikt cookies Wij gebruiken op deze website alleen cookies die zeer weinig invloed hebben op uw privacy om deze website goed te laten werken. Professionele belegger De informatie en documenten op deze website zijn enkel bedoeld voor professionele beleggers. Akkoord Weigeren. Welcome to Achmea Investment Management. Under certain circumstances, State measures jeopardising an investment may constitute an illegal hinder to these freedoms, in particular the free movement of capital and services.

A selective advantage granted by a State or from State resources to certain companies over other investors may also be prohibited under EU State aid rules if they distort or threaten to distort competition and affect trade between Member States.

As it is the case for the ECHR, these fundamental principles of EU law are directly applicable before domestic courts and have precedence over domestic law. In addition, in a situation in which a Member State has failed to fulfil its obligations under the Treaties, the European Commission may request this State to amend its legislation and, should it refuse to do so, bring the matter before the CJEU.

In theory, other Member States may also bring the matter before the CJEU but, for obvious political reasons, they have barely ever done so. This means that the investor does not have the right to initiate formally a Treaty action on its own but must file a complaint with the European Commission and convince this authority to take on its case. The investor will be afforded the possibility to intervene before the CJEU if the Commission were to launch infringement proceedings.

If the CJEU finds an infringement of EU law, it cannot itself award compensation to the investor but may only order the Member State to take specific steps to remedy its breach. However, this judgment will constitute a precedent for a possible claim for damages against the Member State and, under State aid law, for the Member State against the aid beneficiary before domestic courts.

As briefly outlined in this post, investors opposing what they see as excessive intervention from EU Member States are not limited to investment arbitration but may resort to additional or alternative remedies under the ECHR or EU law. In the post- Achmea world we can expect that investors are increasingly likely to consider these in their assessment of the potential remedies available to them in any given case; each offering a contrast in terms of procedures, substantive rules, chances of success, remedies and enforcement mechanisms.

To make sure you do not miss out on regular updates on the Kluwer Arbitration Blog , please subscribe here. To make sure you do not miss out on regular updates from the Kluwer Arbitration Blog, please subscribe here. To submit a proposal for a blog post, please consult our Editorial Guidelines. Learn how Kluwer Arbitration Practice Plus can support you.

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vereniging achmea investing businessweek pcs


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