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Dadan punches garp investing

dadan punches garp investing

He would even continue to lie to his investor in order to embezzle more money Caesar reels from the punch and Luffy initiated the second round of their. When Dadan breaks down on him i loose it all the time. I feel the Navy keeps investing in pirate executions as a way to quell the pirate. (Edit) Garp and Luffy meeting again for the first time since Marineford, Luffy apologizing for punching Garp during the war, and Garp breaking down in tears. FOREX MARKET GOLD NEWSLETTER Note that this. Many companies and do not have. Until now, you a detailed form with over 25.

Fun Fact. And what if.. Garp and Sengoku gets in the middle??? I'm back!! Sorry for the long wait dear Anon and thank you for your request! Don't you love it when your dads disapprove of your engagement alliance?

Goodluck, boys. Shanks tells Garp Luffy hated the Marines when he was a kid because they kept taking his grandpa away. Koala has to work with Luffy and realizes very quickly that Sabo was telling the truth about him being the reasonable one. Edit Garp and Luffy meeting again for the first time since Marineford, Luffy apologizing for punching Garp during the war, and Garp breaking down in tears. Literally anything involving Kitetsu being cursed. How are we glossing over the fact that Zoro is carrying around a cursed sword???

I want more! Edit Fugitora being ordered to protect the Celestial Dragons by Akainu and Fugitora turning his back and choosing to fight with the straw hats. AU where dragon remembers his own childhood and realizes that leaving his baby with his father with no guarantee might not be the best idea, and so garp has to take night classes to get a babysitter license before dragon allows him to get within ten feet of his grandson. Have you ever considered writing a reunion in your Hanahaki fic, causes it made me very sad.

Which I suppose was the point. I mean. No, actually, because I have a whole plot for it and it's. Well, it's hanahaki, not hanahappy. Have a chatshit outline of the story no mentioned pairing? Sabo died before Ace could, which is the only reason Ace is still alive, especially if Roger's disease was hereditary hanahaki, right?

And Ace, well, he grows up bitter and twice shy, as they saying goes. He honestly thought his fruit was a blessing, first time he realized it was fire. Fire kills plants, and surely this would burn the roots from his veins, right? But the scent of flowers still turns his stomach. It's funny, you know? People think of petals as delicate, as soft and fragile things.

Those people have never choked on bluebells that feel like razors and taste like bile, on daisy petals that clog up the airway until you feel like you're breathing through only a tiny straw. Flowers are the worst thing you can give a hanahaki victim; they must be. But he's weak, and then he's accepted anyway, and it doesn't matter who it is he falls in love with, not really.

What matters is that it's slow, creeps up on him, right, and he knows how it goes from the last time round so he knows how much time he has, and that's another reason he goes after Teach, because that way he doesn't have to hide it anymore. It's gotten pretty bad, in Impel Down. Of course it has; it's damp there, and he has all the time in the world to think, and think, and guess who he thinks about?

So it's speeding up, as it does, and with his arms chained, he can't hide it. He's spitting petals constantly. And then Garp comes to visit and he sees, and he knows. Garp, who chased Roger. Garp, who's heard stories. Garp, who knows what the parti-colored pile of spit-wilted petals means, and he thinks, yes.

He thinks, this is what I need to save his life. Because you what defiance and flightiness and the longing for freedom and anger are? Emotions, that's right, ten for you. So he takes Ace out, takes Ace to Sengoku, and they cure him.

He's a perfect Marine now. Follows every order. Performs perfectly. Never gets distracted. Doesn't cough up flowers anymore. Marco: Actually day time sleepiness and chronic insomnia are common symptoms of narcolepsy. Ace fire fist ace marshal d teach one piece blackbeard asks are always open op one piece monkey d. Dragon monkey d garp one piece art One Piece Fanart Whitebeard Whitebeard pirates whitebeard one piece whitebeard oc Marco the Phoenix thatch asl ask send me asks asl brothers.

Everything was bad. First, you had to separate from Koby, taking some Marines with you, after you found the Surgeon of Death and ended up in a fight with him. Fortunately you just lost your head, right? Like, who really needs a head? You knew some marines who didn't think, losing your head wasn't a problem, you still talking so it was okay. You started back to the ship, passing through several marines in parts God you never want to meet Trafalgar again.

After catching Roberto, or rather his head, you went on your way, still wanting to get back to the ship and ask Koby to send the rest of the marines to reassemble the others. Getting back to the ship was easier with Roberto guiding you and luckily Koby and the others were already there. You're spending a lot of time with Vice Admiral Garp.

It took a long, long time for Koby to come back with your head and Roberto's body. You could even see people making fun of you that you could forget your head somewhere or worse. But first you should warn everyone that nothing that happened today should leave this ship, not even for the fleet admiral, he certainly shouldn't know that. Idk but is funny and that's all that matters. Joey's closer to more boys than just her boyfriend. Maybe Julien should keep a closer eye on his girl.

Oh, really? While aiming for an ambushing Foxy, Soundbite first asks if he's with Chica and Bonnie , and then gives directions in Widdershins. Cross calls him out on it. Cross: Why does the world seem determined to stop me from starting the SBS?! Nojiko: Damn it, and Dr. Nako just said that Genzo's blood pressure got back in the green. Are you alright, Boss?! What's wrong? Are you hurt? I-Is this another Romance!? Su : Yeah, you go, gatemouth! Jive with the groove, stick it to the man, show your hep chops!

Robin: Nooooo. Shocked Beat as she realizes what she just said Damn you, Cross, Smoker is never going to let me hear the end of this. Foxy: What brings you here, hm? A-Are you numb? Is it your skull? That's it, isn't it, you're a numbskull? Water 7. While searching for a sound he's hearing that turns out to be Merry crying, Usopp ends up Shaving right on top of Mikey's head.

Mikey : Wielding his new flintlocks Dude, I respect you, but if you don't get off me soon, I'm gonna throw you off! And I mean the Merry! Nami : My initial estimates back on Skypiea was at least 2 billion. Eye Twitch. Chopper: Before anyone can panic or say anything!

I promise you that this stuff is completely benign. And I'm fairly certain that it doesn't hurt paper either, so Nami, Robin, please don't skin me alive. Robin: We will take that into consideration, Mister Emergency Supplies. Cross : After witnessing said browbeat Demons They're demons Cross: You're lucky. I remember back home reading somewhere about a coal fire that started three hundred years ago and is still going.

For, just, five seconds? Cross: Yes. Yes, it is. Enies Lobby. Sniper King's epic entrance is deflated by Iceburg blowing Rocketman's smokestack due to him making a nuisance of himself. When Conis invades the train to rescue Franky the both of them end up running into Captain T-Bone and his men. T-Bone promptly breaks out the teabags and has tea with everyone. And Franky's Delayed Reaction while he enjoys the tea. Cross gets blown off the Rocketman.

No one is surprised, but luckily Luffy and Zoro rescue him and Soundbite, respectively. It turns out that Soundbite didn't know that one only needs to eat a single bit of a Devil Fruit to become a user, leading to this gem: Cross : Are you really telling me you ate that whole coconut before you realized you had powers, even after you realized it tasted rancid?

Sue me! Garp: Huh, didn't think he could get that hammy anymore Garp: Shit. Kaku : I want a raise. Spandam : The monkey prunes on the roof at midnight. Marine : Don't look her in the eye, lest she take your very soul and make you pay interest to get it back! Cross : Oh, a princess! Soundbite : UHH Middle Head : How sweet of you to notice.

Cross : Oh, so that's why the Central Freeway is closed for repair, because you keep headbutting it. Middle Head : Precisely! Soundbite : Now I get it! Kumadori : Eh? But of course. Fukuro : So I can do this: Solid Beast. Coby : still in shock Did Did that just happen? Cross: You do realize that you are going to have to fight your way past him to enter that place, yes?

Cue a brief Oh, Crap! Cross: Alright, who laughed at the giraffe!? Who the hell is responsible for making me utter the phrase 'Who laughed at the giraffe' in complete and utter seriousness and context!? Medical Aide: Sir, your blood pressure! Spandam: Y-Yes, sir! Robin: under her breath Well, isn't this a fine development?

Now I'm actually half-tempted to go along with him just so that I can see the results. I'm fighting a pigeon, I just kicked a bull in the face, and a giraffe cut this entire tower in half. Zoro was right, this place is a zoo! Cross: Chopper, if you wake up right now, I promise that when I die I'll donate my body to science! Cross: You don't deserve eyes! Su: Attention, Marine dipshits! To clarify your current situation, the reason you are fighting against a crew that your bosses know you have little to no chance of defeating is that you are what is commonly referred to in the business as fodder!

For those of you who find the truth of your lot in life too disturbing to contemplate, I suggest that your next course of action be to curl up and kiss your asses goodbye! Conis: AUGH! Merry: You're just trying to butter me up so that I don't hit you more! I repeat, the soldiers on decks four through six are compromised!

Apprehend them at once so that they may be court-martialled! You thought that voice was me!? That was Jeremiah Cross and his damnable snail! Henceforth, all orders must be preceded by the following passcode! I am telling you the truth, soldier, the ship is lost!

Soak all the gunpowder through, make sure that these bastards can't use our vessel for anything but tinder! Hurry the hell up! If we don't have that birthday cake ready to go in the next minute, Admiral Akainu is going to have all of our heads! And where are the goat hooves!? Robin: Why did I open my mouth? I know better by now, so why? Robin: Crude Post-Enies Lobby.

His prognosis on the crew as a whole: they're utterly insane. When Cross offers to give The Reveal to Iceburg, Franky and their associates, he warns that the truth will drive them all insane. Lulu, Tilestone and the Square Sisters vacate the premises. Everyone promptly mobs him with all the crazy drink choices they can find: Pumpkin juice? Michael Jackson. Ser Iron Ass the blacksmith.

Roman praetor. Finally, Zambai rescues his poor bro and gives him actual cola - sorry, diet cola! Vivi: Nooo, Daddy, I don't wanna learn ballet, Kohza would never let me hear the end of it. Robin: But Miss Wednesday, we've already arranged Mr. Vivi: Ugrgrr, tell him he can have Mr. So you already know about the crazy elephant in your crew's storage locker?

Merry: Come oooon, Captain! Gimme a bite! An eentsy weentsy bite! No, less than that! A nibble, a morsel, even a lick will do! Just let me taste it! Vivi: Jack, straight up, now. Do the Takei. Soundbite: Ooooh myyyy. Vivi: Ooooh myyyy. Cross : Shocked Spirited away and spirited back in a matter of hours , Dragon is scary. Soundbite : Whimpering Agreed. Zoro : He held my swords ransom. Nami : He threatened to make me kill him. Beat Actually he didn't do anything to me, he just offered Sanji : He nearly destroyed the Baratie.

Both from within and without. Chopper : He wouldn't stop chasing me all over the damn castle Vivi : The first time I saw him, he knocked me senseless Conis: That sounds fierce, right? Beat What? Su: Face Palm Ohhh honey. Robin makes to suggest something Cross: Do not say ' Being of Darkness '.

TDWS: Agreed! Cross does a Face Spasm Soundbite: Tsk! Cross: Don't you dare. Cross does a Face Fault. Chopper: If you eat that, I'm pumping your stomach! Robin: Oh, don't worry about that. Even if they do happen to detach, I'm certain that Chopper could reattach them. Cross: Ladies and gentlemen, sorry to be so abrupt, but the fact of the matter is that I'm assuming that by now most everyone manages to pick up on the first ring. Aaand our situation is just a tad desperate right now, so we're starting straight out the gate.

And speaking of starting! Cross: Eye twitching So. It's not enough that people stop me from starting the SBS on purpose, but they have to do it by accident, too. Luffy, you're all gonna die here at sea. He stared for a moment before sagging. Lovely Land. The lengths Vivi goes to in order to keep Cross from saying the wrong thing to the Accino family, including twisting his ear and using her Compelling Voice.

Likewise, Cross's antics while muted, mainly his charades that Vivi then Dope Slaps him for. Sanji and Chopper are in for a hell of a time when they find out just how spicy Don Accino likes his food. Which is Accino's point, with how much he hates the Hirunos, they'll either endure the heat or starve. Arbell gently asks if Merry can keep up with Usopp and Franky on building and painting decorations due to her young body.

Merry's response is Merry : That's actually a fair point! Allow me to offer my calm and measured rebut RAGH!! The left is named Siddhartha Buddha and the right one is Vardhamana Mahavira, and together they are a lactating fount of peace and understanding. It is the rest of me that's pissed. Robin: I like to think that I'm quite proficient. Carue: Oh, yeah, now I wemembah! Dat's a wine fwom " Da Woved and Da Wovewess! Robin: I will pluck you nude and cook you into a turducken.

Vivi : Nononono, this table needs to be 2. And the chairs have to be in an exact hexagonal configuration at the specified coordinates! For all the tables! Thriller Bark. While showing off more of Sunny's Hidden Supplies , Merry reveals a railing space that holds a lunch box Chopper goes for the Heimlich, Zoro goes for the kerosene, and Cross goes for the camera.

Once again, Garp starts to threaten Sengoku's blood pressure and is asked to leave, and he does. But then he pops back in to ask for his snacks, and Sengoku's blood cuff pops off. A Barto Club newbie comments on how stupid the idea of Tempting Fate is. You may proceed to shake your head in sympathy at the poor sap. A caller into the SBS asks if "swapping his mum's hair dye and his dad's hair gel and then saying 'They'll never find out it was me'" counts as Tempting Fate.

Cross proceeds to differentiate between "Tempting" and "Antagonizing" Fate, especially if he says so on a live radio broadcast, without even using the optional anonymity filter. Cross: Oh, come off it, Nami! This bony bastard's jokes are golden. You should try it sometime! No, wait, lemme guess.

Over your dead body, right? Nami: Right. And in the bed that's in that room, a gothic Lolita lies, utterly dead to the world. My initial diagnosis? Head Zombie: - and Perona and Absalom both just up and disappeared into thin air, and no laughing! Mook Zombie: hastily Wasn't gonna! I wanted the challenge? I mean, really, apart from my bandanna , I'm nude. Where did he think I was keeping this stuff, up my ass? Raphey: I know I can't be the first one to say it, so I'm gonna be upfront here and get it off my chest: Lipstick on a pig.

Vivi : He is riding a cyborg zombie t-rex! Zoro : That breathes fire. Lola : Fair warning, Princess: If something like this bothers you now, you're going to rot your liver out by the time we reach the New World. Vivi : But- Carue : Uh, Vivi? Cwoss is fighting a zombie apocawypse while widing a fiyah-bweathing undead cybowg T-Wex. I think yoah awgument is invawid. Lola: Hey, wait a-! Bartolomeo: Hell's no. Apoo: Not happening. Cross: Don't ask. Sengoku: If you are calling to report that the Cipher Pol 6 unit has disappeared, for the sake of your well-being, I suggest that you hang up now.

Caller: hangs up. Nami: Because I am a cute and adorable lamb of innocence who can do no wrong. Merry: while chugging a barrel of pitch I resent that! Perona: Oh please, I have no interest in joining your band of lucky rookies. I'm only here because I don't have anywhere else to go, and because you wrecked the only home I've known for years now, you all get to take responsibility!

Beat Perona: What? What is it? Straw Hats: That's exactly what Robin said. Little East Blue. Usopp sees Cross taking a hammock nap, and makes full use of the opportunity. Though he was planning on just undoing the lines and dumping Cross out, the switch he hits instead drops a pulley on Cross and knocks him to the deck. Though Cross gets back at Usopp by chucking all of his armor at his head at once.

Chopper's plan to help Brook unlock the Astral Projection potential of his powers: have Donny slowly lower the skeleton into a tub until his soul gets scared enough to flee his body. And when Donny asks why he is helping instead of someone stronger or with more Devil Fruit knowledge, Chopper bluntly tells him that he's now his assistant as he's been getting swamped with work lately, and he does not want to resort to overusing his stim pack if he can help it.

Eventually, Perona gets sick of the noise and Negatives Donny to get him to drop Brook. Everyone including Brook is so panicked that they don't notice Brook's head floating over them. And the panic makes Brook even more senile than before, at least until Chopper gives his spirit a Dope Slap with his own skull. When the New World Masons call, Merry is the one who takes the call and ends up tricking Fullbody with one of Cross's favorite false titles.

And Merry also remembers "the raging asshole who tried to sink her on a whim to impress the bimbo he was carting around". Fullbody, who has a bit of neurosis about being remembered, immediately wishes he wasn't, especially since Tashigi could hear that. When Merry doesn't puncture Tashigi's pride about being a Marine, the Lieutenant rejoices at not having the piss taken out of her for once. Merry makes a mental note to get Cross to cut down on the heckling. At Perona's request for a room of her own, Sanji proceeds to clear out the gym in the crow's nest for her, including the two swordsmen who were using it at the time.

Robin marvels at despite how often the two of them clash, they still keep it interesting. And just like his fellows, Mikey finds himself being Sanji's assistant and brawl co-partner and Leo's opponent in this case , since he was given a choice between being Sanji's sous-chef or spare ingredients.

Sanji: Not a lot of options to work with, and in his defense, I wasn't completely joking. Mikey: I can't tell either way, so like hell am I taking any chances! So do me a favour and lie down and die before I get turned into lunch! Robin: Damsel, perhaps? Merry: Not on your damned life. Robin: I'm afraid that she finds me a bit creepy. Nami: You really take that 'let them eat cake' thing to heart, I take it?! Lassoo: I'm not fat, I'm hefty!

Yoko : They. You can't believe anything they say! Cross : We're not here to cause trouble. Soundbite : We've never killed anyone. Funkfreed : Your name is Yoko. Face Palm Dang it. Cross : Wait, we've met two loonies with the same delusion!? Translation please? Your father was a goat-sucker and your mother was his midnight snack!

Cross: Toro, to-! Oh, wait, my apologies! Allow me to be more appropriate: fatso, fatso! Strong World. Cross is woken up by Merry T-Bone and his new recruit Yoko find a metal crate in the town they've docked in, with a slit in it. Yoko takes a look into the darkness, and is promptly scared onto her seat when the darkness looks back. Once Yoko gets her wits back and looks in again, she sees a plus-sized projection-capable Visual Transponder Snail.

Which chooses that exact moment to start projecting. Corvo trio: When the boys fell into a rabbit hole and into a land of fairy tales and wonder Mogra thinks back to a similar occurrence with Ace. One little beastie that Cross encounters Which is exactly as dangerous as you think it is. Cross marks it the sixth time he's been chased by rodents, counting the 4 times with Mr.

The pigeon in question feels a strong sense of annoyance. Ironically, none of them are actually rodents. And speaking of Sneeze Cuts , Mayor Woop Slap starts talking about Cross, causing Cross to sneeze just in time to dodge a sudden lunge.

Twice in a row, Boss is all ready to rumble, only for a freak gust of wind to blow him out of screen. Cross's next encounter is with a frog with a scorpion on its back. When Cross runs into a clearing that's not suited for jumping, he starts taunting the pair , only for the scorpion to start carrying the frog instead. Cross: whining But Customer: Waiter, I have a quandary! Chef: Well, it didn't come from our kitchen! We run a clean ship here!

Zeff: flat look Let me get that for you, sir. Cross and Soundbite : I! Henrick: Permission to requisition popcorn from the kitchen? Jonathan: Ensign, I order you to bring up the whole car with all the fixings. Foxy: drooling Sooo many drunk idiots thinking they could outmuscle us! And every one of them completely wrong! Oh, may the world never run short on suckers!

Vivi: Ah, moving on, could we address the Elephant in the Room? Everyone else: Hello, Funkfreed. Shanks : Every second someone like me is the worst nightmare of the World Government, the Elder Bastards die a little bit more inside. God help me, I'm a grown woman who talks to animals and expects them to talk back.

Brook: Oh, it's terrible, just terrible! I'm starting to go yellow around my orbital sockets! Now how will I get all the hot young skeletons to love me?! Raphey: Don't let her get me, I don't wanna be a sea cucumbe-e-er Entire crew is babies! Brook: Go home to mommy! Road to Sabaody Archipelago. During the victory party over their win against Shiki, there are plenty of funny moments: The party itself starts when Cross suddenly realizes that despite beating a dastardly villain, saving their home, and coming out of it with hardly a scratch, they still aren't throwing a party.

After a Stunned Silence of realization, Cross declares that if they aren't throwing one in three seconds, they all fail at life. A drunken Vivi soars past on a throne made of hands with a whirlwind of confetti surrounding her, declaring herself queen of the skies. Cross chucking Mikey into the ocean to retrieve Usopp. Conis's first flight. And subsequent faceplant into the sail. Lindy trying to hog the booze to himself, and getting kicked in the nose by Ever, and finally sent to his roost by Apis.

Everything about the SBS's new visual component, and the most popular show being Zoro's workout routine - which Cross is equating to softcore porn much to his chagrin. A good chunk of his female viewership is now blacklisted as a result. To whit: Vivi and Conis are enjoying themselves, with the former telling Cross about the "logical" aspects of filming Zoro benefiting other swordmen in training and intimidating enemies while she watches intently, while the latter cheerfully admits that Zoro is ripped and attracts women viewers, much to Cross' annoyance.

Cross then getting a call from a very interested female viewer, who makes the suggestion of Zoro slathering himself in olive oil, prompting a very quick blacklist on Cross' part. Robin is reading a book, but is noted as being just a bit too close to the show for his comfort. Then Nami's comment afterwards by wondering if Zoro really would put olive oil on himself makes Cross decide to wash his hands of the whole affair.

Outside of the Straw Hats is pretty funny as well, with Alvida casually throwing her Chief of Staff away when he goes to change the channel in order to keep watching, and the Okamas Bentham, Ivankov, and Inazuma of Level 6 taking immense interest due recognizing to the sheer intensity of Zoro's workout regime. Inazuma seems to take interest in Zoro's muscles And Tashigi matching the workout on her own Marine ship - including being sans clothing on her upper torso though still wearing a bra , with Smoker having to chase off all the other oglers.

Although he himself does a Double Take when he notices that she is using his jutte as an exercise bar. Upon seeing the Red Line, Miss Goldenweek become stricken by inspiration and immediately wants to paint it, requiring Miss Valentine to watch her so she doesn't walk off the Cannibal in a stupor When Keimi appears on the Sunny, she ends up faceplanting on the mast and Sanji catches her. When she actually responds to his chivalry And guess who gets a bath? Later, Keimi admits that she got caught up in imagining she was Ariel in the story of The Little Mermaid Keimi: I think my favorite bit was when the Sea Kings ripped the evil slave merchants to shreds!

Zoro: Noooo, please, don't stop there. Cross: Yesss. Do tell us just how much of our treasure, which we shed blood, sweat, and tears for , you've spent on your wardrobe. Zoro: Chopper, sorry for the mess. Chopper: giving off a "pleasant" smile that makes everyone take two steps away from him.

Nooo, it's perfectly fine! You see, I'm wrapping up my research on the transmogrative properties of Zoan-flesh, and I found a new project to start on once I'm done! Funkfreed: Ah Chopper: Waves him off Yes, but both your previous and current wielders were suicidal idiots before they got their hands on you, so I consider you to be the exception.

Funkfreed: Withdrawn. Cross: Protested! Zoro: Ignored. Skelter Bite. When the group gets to Skelter Bite, they find the skull-shaped gatehouse glaring at them with glowing red spotlights and a booming voice demanding their identity. Unfortunately for the Risky Brothers, they're simply outclassed. Leap out of the gatehouse into the water. Mikey to Isaiah : And you are? Isaiah facewinging : Embarrassed to be seen with him. Error EXE has encountered a fatal error.

Initiating self-destruct sequence. Cross: holding one of Killer's arm blades to his throat Please. Just make it quick. Or him, for that matter? Law: Sorry, Jeremi-ya. But while I could do that I just think this will be more fun to watch. Funkfreed : Oh thank you merciful elephant Buddha! No, wait, let me guess: you assume?

Funkfreed : How'd you know? First Mate: And why do you have something like that? Foxy: Trust me, that is a long and complicated tale that I don't want to tell and you don't want to know Sabaody Revolution. Nami complains about having to leave her Clima-Tact behind to stay incognito. Nami : I feel naked right now Zoro, Vivi, and Cross stop and stare at her in disbelief. Slaver: "Don't you get it!? We've gotten away with this for this long because the law is on our side! Once they get to their ships, the port authority'll shut you down, and if you try fighting back, Marineford is right next door!

Please tell me we can tell him! I really love how the hope dies in their eyes when we tell them this bit! Chemist: AAAH! Cross: Noooope, I'm pretty sure that was definitely the right lever. Cross: Be honest with me: is there another pirate?

Is he Is he more infuriating than me? Nami: Excuse me. But can I present a counterargument? Kuroobi: Yeah, sure. Nami: Fuck the World Nobles. Checks out. Vivi: I always knew she bought her boyfriends, but I didn't think she actually literally bought them! I need that leg to run away from you. In the midst of the chaos of the hasty retreat everyone started beating, Hawkins took a moment to nod with complete certainty.

Hawkins: "Exactly as predicted. Bugging out could wait a moment, because no, Law was not going to let that slide. Amazon Treachery. The sheer nonchalance with which Luffy decides the best way to get a straight answer as to why the Kuja are after him as an "attempted assassin" is by kidnapping Marguerite, and proceeds to do so. The reason why the amazons are mad at Luffy, Cross, and the Straw Hats in general. Sandersonia chewing out the Kuja for simply not trying to wake her sisters up.

Then doing so herself by using Granny Nyon as a human projectile to knock Marigold out of bed. Which she admits she's mostly doing because they keep stealing all her snake wine. The fact that 'Act of Straw Hat' is now a legitimate recognized excuse for assassins failing their mission.

The recurring sisterly bickering between Sandersonia and Marigold. Especially when Sandersonia needles Marigold about stealing all the Sea King jerky, which prompts an indignant Marigold to defend that her weight is a glandular problem, which Sandersonia responds to by bluntly telling her that nobody buys that explanation. After thanking Luffy for saving her and her nation, Hancock falls into a lovestruck state with constant mumbling. The best that Nyon could decipher is that she is deciding names for her and Luffy's eighth great-grandchild.

Both Sonia and Marigold are peeved that during the briefing Cross gave to the New World Masons, he withheld the fact that their sister falls in love with his captain. The fact that Soundbite taught Luffy "the song that gets on everybody's nerves". A drunken Boa Hancock trying to use Salome as a pipe. When Momonga brings up reports that Sandersonia was seen in Sabaody four days ago, Hancock shoots him down by pointing out that there's no way that Sandersonia could possibly have been there since it takes at least a week to sail between Amazon Lily and Sabaody.

Then Sandersonia decides to taunt Momonga by stripping down to reveal she's wearing a cheap Sabaody souvenir T-shirt slightly charred from the battle , and there's not a damn thing he can do about it. Decks of the World. Zoro's encounter with the humandrills has become bewildering for him because they've been observing the Straw Hats on the SBS for over a year, meaning they now fight like they were copies of his crewmates. Nami laments that lacking Soundbite as a translator means she'll be spending two years in limited communication with Billy.

When Nami hears that the extreme weather specialists regularly have to haggle for more repair money during Weatheria's budget meetings, her eyes turn to Beri signs and she makes a sound like a cash register. This freaks out Haredas even more than her enthusiasm for extreme weather study. Usopp has been trying to gain an animal companion on the Boin Archipelego, which is near impossible thanks to their immense gluttony.

Chopper's attempts to bring peace between the people of Torino and the mega-birds hits a roadblock because his first encounter with the former was riding the back on the latter. When asked how is he able to stand the cold of Baldimore island by its governors, Franky boasts that he is wearing a thermal speedo. After one of them says it makes no sense, he admits he can tolerate the cold by avoiding thinking about it. Brook trying to deal with the cultists of Namakura is rather tragically hilarious.

A meta one in the author's notes. Cross-Brain AN: The good news? We have a few allies savvy enough to realize what's coming, waiting to support Luffy. And the bad news? Well, for anyone who thought we'd show where Cross ended up after all Beat Happy April Fools Day. Impel Downfall. The rumors that are starting about amazon eating habits due to the fact that they're smuggling Luffy and Marigold's lamentations thereof. Tashigi getting jealous over Domino pulling off Scary Shiny Glasses so effortlessly.

Luffy gives Buggy a letter written by Cross to convince the clown to help his captain. He not only reveals the reason Luffy is in Impel Down, but that Ace is both Luffy's brother and Roger's son and that Buggy himself was part of Roger's crew.

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Caesar Clown[5] who was referred to as " Master " by his subordinates, [1] is a scientista former colleague of Vegapunk ; both on the research team MADS and with the World Government.

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This removes having to analyze your own stocks and come up with investments that fit the criteria of a GARP investment. The fund's largest holdings are in healthcare Financials is the next heavily invested sector at The smallest invested sector is consumer staples at 3. Above that is communication services at 5. Well-known stocks include Meta formerly Facebook , Adobe, and Cigna. The fund also comes with a low expense ratio of 0.

CFA Institute. Invesco Distributors Inc. Financial Ratios. Value Stocks. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice. Popular Courses. Key Takeaways Growth at a reasonable price GARP is an equity investment strategy that combines growth and value investing attributes. GARP investors focus on companies with earnings growth above broad market levels but without extremely high valuations. Article Sources. Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work.

These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in our editorial policy. Compare Accounts. To learn more about Peter Lynch, check out this feature. Like growth investors, GARP investors are concerned with the growth prospects of a company: they like to see positive earnings numbers over the past few years, coupled with positive earnings projections for upcoming years.

Companies within this range carry too much risk and unpredictability for GARPers. For both investing types, a high and increasing ROE relative to the industry average is an indication of a superior company. GARPers and growth investors share other metrics to determine growth potential.

They do, however, have different ideas about what the ideal levels exhibited by the different metrics should be, and both types of investors have varying tastes in what they like to see in a company. An example of what many GARPers like to see is positive cash flow or, in some cases, positive earnings momentum. Because a variety of additional criteria can be used to evaluate growth, GARP investors can customize their stock picking system to their personal style.

Exercising subjectivity is an inherent part of using GARP. So if you use this strategy, you must analyze companies in relation to their unique contexts just as you would with growth investing. Since there is no magic formula for confirming growth prospects, investors must rely on their own interpretation of company performance and operating conditions.

A growth investor may invest in a company trading at 50 or 60 times earnings, but the GARP investor sees this type of investing as paying too much money for too much uncertainty. They may use other similar or differing criteria, but the main idea is that a GARP investor is concerned about present valuations. The PEG ratio may very well be the most important metric to any GARP investor, as it basically gauges the balance between a stock's growth potential and its value. A PEG less then 1 implies that, at present, the stock's price is lower than it should be given its earnings growth.

Its PEG equals 0. As you can see, the GARP investor seeks solid growth, but also demands that this growth be valued at a reasonable price. Hey, the name does make sense! Because a GARP strategy employs principles from both value and growth investing, the returns that GARPers see during certain market phases are often different than the returns strictly value or growth investors would see at those times. For instance, in a raging bull market the returns from a growth strategy are often unbeatable: in the Internet boom of the mid- to lates, for example, neither the value investor nor the GARPer could compete.

However, when the market does turn, a GARPer is less likely to suffer than the growth investor.

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