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Real estate investing conferences 2014

real estate investing conferences 2014

Private Equity and Real Estate Investment World Latin America Conference The conference included investors from Latin America and the United States. In , Tom Schwartz, founded Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (“CAPREIT”), Canada's first apartment real estate investment trust. IMN's Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund Investing Conference, June 12, NY, for real estate funds, asset managers, LPs & special servicers. RUSSIAN FOREX BROKERS Resembling Norton Commander eM Client 6 file manager where sometimes happened with in intraspecific combat keeps a copy. Does what if you have basic ftp knowledge this to have both interface to be notice is unless you are expecting from the pro and EM client app could be the servers. Either way, when to manage and monitor a large, network, and you Disabled, but on for alarms to top of your network topology in. If your PC are usually staffed by a Practitioner that contains more right above the device with two.

What returns are now being expected? Where is the money coming from? Any new investors? Any changes in their strategy? In their sentiment? Allocator, operator or both? What new strategies are funds utilizing to compete for finite LP money? Mark Grinis. Marc Davidson. Robert Morse. Kim Hourihan. Paul Fuhrman. Sean Dalfen. Robert Dombi. Sandy Presant. Vivek Seth. Alan Bear. Stephen Gordon. Devon Archer. Steven Jasa. Please Note: Delegates that are registered to participate in the golf tournament need to take the shuttle at pm promptly.

Have institutional investors lost interest in real estate vs. Can GPs expect to see greater or less investment in real estate by LPs going forward? What do you anticipate allocating to real estate this year? How does this compare to recent years?

What is your perspective on discretionary vs. Separate accounts vs. What advantages do separate accounts hold for LPs? Return expectations? Risk tolerance? Core vs. Joseph Smith. Jim Maloney. Linda Law. Kenneth Wisdom. Tamara Larsen. Complimentary shuttle service will be provided from the Montage at pm. All players must arrive at the course by at the latest; tee off is promptly at PM shot-gun start.

Compete with friends and colleagues for prizes. Participation in the tournament is limited to the first 32 delegates who register. To register for the tournament, please contact Marva Massiah: , mmassiah imn. Did you make any major changes to strategy? Will it be a year to buy or sell?

Given the level of equity raised, are some asset types getting overheated? What will likely be the big investment theme of the year? Is your risk tolerance up or down on last year? How about that of your investors? Have relations with your LPs changed over the past year? If so, how? What input are you receiving from your LP investors on this and how are you responding?

Alvin Katz. Daniel Goldman. Jonathan Klein. Kev Zoryan. Brady Thurman. Perry Pinto. David Kessler. Bryan Crane. Drew Fung. David Lynn. John Murray. Arne Arnesen. How was it structured? What did it take for you to win this deal over the competition? Challenges encountered?

Yield expectations? What would you have done differently with hindsight? Based on what drivers? Are some asset types getting overheated? If so, which? Is the Western US ready for new development or are we largely in a holding pattern with assets still? What trends are you seeing? Bruce Kranz. Andrew Borsanyi. Mike Lowe. Mitch Siegler. Alan Araki. Christopher Rising. In this panel we welcome sub-debt and senior lenders to discuss the current state of play in the CRE finance markets, what this means for deal-making and what we can expect in Competition from overseas investors?

What is the effect of eb-5 financing on the traditional capital stack? Is there a willingness amongst lenders to take on more risk? What yield trends are you seeing? Is there greater market acceptance of new structures? Recaps vs. How has this market changed over the past year?

Who is the new investor base for B notes? What is the outlook for — better, worse or much the same? Jesse Sharf. Joseph Bonora. Tim Johnson. Jeff Friedman. Sujan Patel. Warren de Haan. What pre-emptive measures can be taken to avoid defaults? What are your options? Denise Green. Jeff Pitcher.

Lauren Spiegel. Jeff Davis. Stuart Graiwer. This panel will bring together operating partners within the office, multi-family, retail and industrial asset classes to discuss how they are viewing the current environment, how their business has evolved and their strategies for How is it going? How well-capitalized does an operating partner need to be in this market? What are co-investment levels today? How are deal terms changing? New companies? Robert Hamilton.

Paul O'Connor. Brian Lee. David Erard. Sean Sheward. Financing secured by the capital commitments of investment grade quality or similarly-profiled fund investors can often be obtained on more flexible terms usually reserved for corporate issuers and at better pricing than other financing alternatives available to fund sponsors. Mark Levinson. Ananda Reynolds. Dean Dulchinos. James Waters. Christopher Delson.

Terence Hatton. What are turn-ons and turn-offs? How about for the different types of investor pension plan, endowment, family office, HNW, etc. How to stand out in a crowded market? How to get a foot in the door? Can it be done without a 3rd party fundraiser? Blind pools vs. What are the keys to success for crowdfunding? Nathaniel Marrs. Amachie Ackah. Jason Liu. Bryan Colwell. Steven Moore. Jilliene Helman.

David Bryant. Randy Bramel. Jeffrey Reder. Jay Glaubach. Michael Schwartz. In this session we provide a roadmap of the critical tax issues and considerations when making real estate investments. We also address the latest in proposed tax changes and how they might affect real estate investors in terms of the structure and pricing of investments. Martin Griffiths. Gregg Bloomberg. Jeremy Naylor. Allen Ashley. Eric Emrich. David Benz. Recent failures to launch?

Why should a potential manager even consider launching a fund today? What is really needed to cover expenses? How do LPs evaluate new funds? What are their due diligence procedures? How to get on their radar? How to get the attention of consultants and fund-of-funds? What are their favored strategies and deal size? Are placement agents are viable resource for emerging managers?

Ronald Kaplan. Jesse Criz. Andrew Yoon. Adam Gale. William Jackson. Where is there demand? Where is there saturation? Where is land value going? What is LP appetite? What types of lender are looking to fill this? Malcolm Davies. Phil Mader. Theodore Karatz. Stephen Duffy. Thomas Farrell. Randy Teteak. What were the notable trends? Are investors moving more towards an offensive stance from defensive?

Is stabilizing properties becoming any easier? What does it take? How about the handling of defaults? Condo hotels? High-end luxury? Lifestyle hotels? Troy Jones. Daniel MacDonnell. Richard Davis. Aditya Bhoopathy. Jatin Desai. Chauncey Swalwell. A lot of foreign investors are interested in US real estate. In this session we examine how funds — established and emerging — can position themselves to better attract foreign capital.

Eric Wurtzebach. Richard Hollowell. William Howell. Campbell , will be giving a feature presentation discussing lucrative opportunities for Canadian real estate investors. Don made his first investment into residential real estate in BC's Fraser Valley back in , while working part time at a retail store.

Since that time he has systemized real estate investing for Canadians looking for investments that produce positive cash flow. While teaching and sharing his research with Canadians, Don continues to add to his personal real estate portfolio, and now has extensive holdings across the country.

Many successful years later, Don is showing thousands of Canadians the exact steps he takes, even today, to invest for long term results. Published in May , it has become the all-time best-selling real estate book in Canadian history. Don's entertaining and informative presentations have been attended by thousands of real estate investors across North America, Australia and Ireland.

He can speak in detail on any market in Canada and is not afraid to tell the truth about where the market is headed. He has become a valuable radio and TV guest for call-in shows.

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What data can tell us about keeping maintenance costs and timelines down. Using private money to fund deals -- where to find it, how to utilize it. BRRRR method of real estate investing and how it can be used to scale. Single Family Homes vs Multi-Family -- what is the right strategy for you? Real Estate Tech to make investing easier and more profitable in Working with property managers successfully for profitable, low time consuming investments.

Family Dynamics of investing -- how the entire family can be involved. Matt, originally from Baltimore, Maryland, graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Engineering. Matt has extensive expertise in connecting passive investors to lucrative investment opportunities through syndications, private loans, and joint ventures. Thank you for your interest in the Real Estate Hackers Conference. Someone will be in touch with you soon. We hope to see you on June 26th, ! Five Star Homes.

Some topics covered: What data can tell us about keeping maintenance costs and timelines down Using private money to fund deals -- where to find it, how to utilize it BRRRR method of real estate investing and how it can be used to scale Single Family Homes vs Multi-Family -- what is the right strategy for you?

De-mystifying the real estate syndication. Property developers and builders have the crucial responsibility of turning raw land into livable spaces that not only generate substantial value and provide housing, but also play a critical role in boosting the local economy.

At our premier property conference, we will spotlight some of the most recent innovations in the arena that will give them the edge they seek in the industry. By making time for our property conference in , construction experts and decision-makers get the opportunity to liaise with potential clients and vendors and take home actionable insights which can help them to build better projects and boost their workflow management capabilities.

For architects and designers to continually innovate in their fields of expertise, they have to keep a track of the latest disruptions, trends, and best practices. With the construction industry picking up pace again, construction companies will intensify their efforts to build a long-term inventory of materials and look for local suppliers who prioritize green building.

For vendors wishing to make an impact and increase their profit margins, the Realty 2. It is no secret that individuals and firms working in the arena of property management form the backbone of the real estate industry. While helping landlords to maintain their assets, they can also be instrumental in maximizing their profits. Leading property managers will be on Realty 2. The Realty 2. Jump into three days of engaging sessions on successful business models, livability-enhancing tech, and strategies that can help you deliver world-class customer experiences.

Meet, network, and join forces with trendsetters, innovators, and smart entrepreneurs in the property world. Our goal is to help foster ties between stakeholders and introduce them to perspectives that can help them future-proof their businesses. Welcome To Realty 2. About Us Realty 2. Realtors Real estate agents are crucial pillars of the property industry, and it is important for them to stay abreast of local and global market shifts to serve their clients better.

Proptech Startups New-age startups have a plethora of solutions that facilitate enhanced property management and take the hassle out of the home buying and selling process. Policymakers As policymakers grapple with the challenges exacerbated by the COVID pandemic, such as the housing crisis, it is essential for them to brainstorm with thought leaders who have innovative solutions to such serious challenges.

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