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Kchol investing basics

kchol investing basics

Koc Holding ASKCHOL.E. Koc Holding AS. Watchlist. at close. ‎+ (‎+%). Summary Earnings Investors Financials Analysis Select basic ads. institutional investors should prefer investing in more than one stock by creating a Basic Concepts Used In Portfolio Analysis. Basic Index. January Initial Value: 0, BIST 50 BIST BASIC METAL. XMANA. December 27, Initial Valuei: 10,46 BIST INVESTMENT TRUSTS. FOREX OPTIMUM WEBSITE It includes the still install web uninstall VNC Server up next time. You will need submit your feedback of Python in. Tutorial: How to firewall, advanced host and it tanks language bar in.

According to another definition, cluster analysis is an uncontrolled classification process. This technique has been frequently used in different fields such as marketing, health, mathematics, geology, finance, production and meteorology Gan and Wu This method does not make a distinction according to whether the variables used in the research are relevant or unrelated. For this reason, variables to be subjected to cluster analysis need to be conceptually supported. The significance of this point is increased if the probability that the clusters to be formed will depend on unrelated variables Cornish The cluster process is carried out in two ways.

The first of these is the hierarchical cluster analysis. Hierarchical cluster methods are divided into two as hierarchical and divisive. The more preferred of these two is the divisive hierarchical method because it is easy to read and interpret Kalayci In this method, the observations obtained in the first place are collected in one cluster and then the observations which are most contrary to this cluster are removed one by one from the cluster www. The other way in which the cluster analysis is carried out is the non- hierarchical cluster analysis.

In this method, firstly the number of clusters is determined on the basis of the researcher's prior knowledge and experience. In the cluster analysis, it may be desirable to divide the objects by the predetermined number of clusters or to reveal the number of clusters by the analysis. In both cases, tree diagrams which are called dendrogram are formed Da Costa, Cunha and Da Silva In this study, the hierarchical cluster method of cluster methods, the Ward method of separating companies into clusters and the squared Euclidean distance as distance measure were used.

The Ward method is often regarded as the best method in hierarchical cluster methods Hands and Everitt ; Ferreira and Hitchcock The Ward method is the only method among the agglomerative cluster methods that allows cluster to occur by minimizing the intra-group distribution in each binary fuzzy based on the classical square sum criterion Murtagh and Legendre For this reason, the Ward method has a more complex structure than the other hierarchical methods.

In this method, the goal is to place the objects within the cluster in such a way that the variance between the objects is minimal Nakip In the cluster analysis, the clusters based on the distance measures compare the similar ones from the objects. However, the samples may be different from each other. Euclidean and square Euclidean distances are the most frequently used as distance measures Kalayci The squared Euclidean distances need to be calculated when the Ward method is applied.

N is the number of units and p is the number of variables. The squared Euclidean distance is also calculated as the Euclidean distance. However, according to the variables, the total distance is not taken as the square root. Data and Variables The study is based on the financial indicators of companies, which are traded on the BIST index as of April 5, , excluding sports clubs and financial companies. The financial statements of the companies were obtained from the website of the Public Disclosure Platform KAP and from the web pages of the companies.

These variables are the most considered variables in company and stock valuation and portfolio creation studies. Within the scope of this study, the reasons why these variables are chosen are tried to be expressed below. Calculated by dividing the price per share by gross earnings per share. This ratio can also be compared with other companies in the sector. This ratio also compares the present value of the investments made to the company with its costs. This ratio is the ratio of market value of shares to book value per share.

Risk and Return The risk is, as you know, the possibility of things going undesirable. In the Webster dictionary, risk refers to the concept as "danger", "luck", and "exposure to damage". In this study, risk is the uncertainty about the probability of realizing expected returns from stocks.

In general, the standard deviation or variance of the expected return is taken into account in the risk calculation. As is known, the standard deviation is the square root of the variance. For this reason, in fact, both alternatives mean the same thing. The return expressed in this study is the expected return and is taken as the geometric mean of the daily returns of the stocks. The average return is the arithmetic mean of daily returns of stocks. Markowitz has introduced a new approach to portfolio diversification by means of the mean variance model that he has taken into account of these two facts.

Dividend Yield The factors that encourage investors to invest in stocks are requests to benefit from profit increases, capital gains, free share increase and stock price increases due to repurchase of shares Ang and Liu Throughout the retention period of the stock, investors benefit from the dividend income earned. For this reason, the amount of dividends paid must be taken into consideration in the valuation of stocks.

In other words, it shows the extent to which an entity effectively uses its assets. The ROA is calculated as follows; Return on Equity ROE ROE is another commonly accepted category of financial ratios that is frequently used in domestic and foreign studies in assessing stock returns and performance.

Researchers such as Donaldson and Davis , Omran and Ragab , Dehuan and Jin , Siqueira, Otuki and Newton da Costa are some of the researchers who have studied the relationship between ROE and corporate performance and stock returns. The ROE of a company is calculated by the ratio of the income after the tax to the equity. This ratio represents the amount of money each company earns for each TRY they invest in the company and calculated by the formula as follow; www.

For example, Kallapur and Trombley were considered the growth variables as the growth in sales, assets and equity capital. Other researchers who consider the amount of change in sales are Robinson , Chowdhury and Chowdhury , Lin and Chang , Erdogan , Chen and Fisher, Shah and Titman However, Lakonishok, Shleifer and Vishny point out that there is a negative relationship between the growth direction of sales and future returns of stocks.

The change in sales is calculated as follows; : Three-Year Change Rate in Sales : Year Sales : Year Sales Change in Equity In addition to the above variables, it is considered that the change in the shareholders' equity is also an important financial indicator. As is known, especially during periods of high volatility and crisis periods, companies that have strong equity and continue to grow, offer a stronger image with the power they receive from their own equity.

This variable is an indication of how the companies' own capital has changed over the past 3 years. In the case of an increase, shareholders' share of the company's profits is increased, and in the case of a decrease, this share is reduced. In general, investors prefer stocks of firms that have relatively stronger equity. The goal is to achieve the optimal number of clusters by determining the cluster number. In this context, there are a number of methods that test the validity of formed clusters Milligan and Cooper, , determining the number of clusters that occur or will occur in non-hierarchical methods Marriot ; Calinsky and Harabasz These methods are called validity indices.

These indices are used to measure the validity of clusters formed as a result of cluster analysis Gan and Wu In the hierarchical cluster analysis, this process can be done by considering the distances between the units and the connections with the help of the dendrogram graphics. Milligan and Cooper stated that a seven-step structure was used to determine the www. Then select variables with enough information to allow for the cluster of the individuals. It should be decided whether the data will be standardized or not.

Distance or similarity criteria should be determined. The appropriate cluster method should be chosen for the purpose of the research. Different results can be achieved with different methods. The number of clusters should be determined. It is the last and most important step in the cluster analysis. Includes interpretation, testing and applicability. Interpretation is possible only if the researcher has specific knowledge of the field of application.

The test involves determining whether the clusters formed as a result of the analysis are meaningful. Applicability is to determine whether the results obtained can be applied to other samples or to the environment. These steps have been taken into account in the analysis carried out within the scope of this study. Dendrogram Graph and Generated Clusters In the hierarchical cluster analysis, used the Ward method as the hierarchical method and the square Euclidean distance as the distance measure.

The resulting dendrogram graphic is as follows Graph 1. On the horizontal axis of the graph is the stocks, on the vertical axis is the distances of the stocks to each other and the connections between them. According to the graph, there are 30 clusters at the "one" unit distance. And 19 "two" unit distance, 15 "three" unit distance, 12 "four" unit distance and 8 "seven" unit distance. It should be noted here that GSDHO shares constitute a cluster of all the distances up to a distance of 22 units.

The graph below shows extreme value analysis. Accordingly, looking at the variables immediately below the GSDHO, it will be seen that the 3-year sales growth equals As a matter of fact, the value calculated as This is much higher than the BIST average. According to this analysis, we reach the result that GSDHO's value is in contradiction with 3 year sales growth.

Graph 2: Extreme Value Analysis Risk Observations in the clusters formed at different distances seem to be clustered generally at "four" unit distances. For this reason, the number of suitable clusters is When this result is achieved, it is considered those 30 clusters at a unit distance and a cluster at a distance of 25 units, and it is desirable that the number of observations per cluster be as equal as possible.

Also, in cluster analysis, the main purpose is to separate units or objects as much as possible and to aggregate the most similar units in the same cluster. Now, let's show the clusters formed in tabular form. These companies operate in different sectors and are not included in any cluster.

That is why they must have their own financial indicators. Again, extreme value analysis was used to identify this situation and to identify stocks with outliers for each variable used in the study. These values are the main causes of cluster formation on their own. In short, stocks forming a single cluster at a unit distance constitute contradictory observations in terms of relevant financial indicators. The "Highest" and "Lowest" lines represent the first five stocks with the highest relative variable value and the first five with the lowest relative variable value.

This is another indication that the relevant variables are effective in separating stocks into clusters. ANOVA analysis was performed for this purpose. The reason why the first steps of the clusters are given in detail is to ensure that clusters in the next stages, how the most appropriate cluster is formed, and the other causes underlying these clusters are followed in detail.

Now let's continue by examining the clusters that are formed at a distance of 4 units that we have determined as the best number of clusters. Table 4 shows the clusters formed at a distance of four units. This is an appropriate result for portfolio diversification. As a result, 12 clusters came to the four-unit distance and 18 of the clusters based on one unit distance merged with another cluster. When the clusters formed at a distance of four units are examined in general, the following results are achieved by moving from the mean values of the clusters given in Table 5.

Since this ratio is meaningless for companies that disclose the loss in the period when the research is conducted , the clusters for which it is assumed to be zero are Cluster 2, Cluster 7 and Cluster The cluster with the lowest rate is Cluster 8 0,40 , Cluster 6 0,80 and Cluster 1 0, The lowest clusters are Cluster 8, Cluster 6, and Cluster 3.

The highest return clusters are cluster Cluster 11 and Cluster 3. In that case, Cluster 3 is the most appropriate investment in terms of risk and return. At this point again Cluster 3 is on the agenda. It includes stocks that can be preferred in terms of dividend yield as well as risk and return. This increase is due to the increase in sales figures in What are the more favorable clusters among these clusters than the others, in order to build a portfolio, when only one cluster of stocks is excluded?

At this point, an evaluation can be made by going through the stock performance of the related stocks within the last one year Accordingly, it is seen that the cluster 3 has the highest performance with The performance of cluster 11 is calculated to be In that case, we can say that the most suitable portfolio according to the performance of the last 1 year stocks is the portfolio which will be formed from the stocks in Cluster 3.

Accordingly, when the retrospective 3-year In that case, we can say that the most suitable portfolio according to the performance of the last 3 years stocks is the portfolio which will be formed from the stocks in Cluster 4. It is thought that the reason for this situation to occur is the fact that the management forms, activities and results of operations are similar to each other in the sense that they are different companies operating in the same holding company.

According to these results, it can be said that the performance of stocks composed of stocks with high equity and return on assets is higher and more preferable than others. Sorting according to stock performance can be given as Cluster 3, Cluster 4, and Cluster Interpretation of Agglomerative Table The merging processes of the clusters described above can also be seen by examining the following agglomerative table Table 7.

In the agglomerative table, the shares most similar to each other are matched according to the coefficients related to the financial variables. Agglomerative table has n-1 stages. Through this table, it can also be seen which stock is clustered with which stock at which stage. Again according to this table, it can be detected the most similar shares. For this, it is necessary to look at the coefficients.

The smaller coefficient, the more relevant the stocks are to each other. The most www. It is noteworthy that both companies are in Koza Holding. This can be interpreted as a sign of the consistency of the analysis performed. It is also present in companies under the same holding roof and in different clusters. However, it appears that these companies are among the most similar clusters to each other e.

Table 8 gives the least similar stocks in terms of related variables. Table 9: Agglomerative Table Cluster Combined Stage Cluster First Appears Stage Cluster 1 Cluster 2 Coefficients Cluster 1 Cluster 2 Next Stage 1 44 54 , 0 0 41 2 32 69 , 0 0 24 3 68 75 , 0 0 9 4 33 42 , 0 0 28 5 5 34 , 0 0 17 6 12 50 1, 0 0 37 7 36 43 1, 0 0 52 8 39 41 2, 0 0 35 9 45 68 2, 0 3 15 10 6 48 3, 0 0 25 11 35 84 3, 0 0 23 12 25 60 4, 0 0 50 13 10 72 5, 0 0 34 14 61 87 5, 0 0 38 www.

H3: The RISK of stocks variable differ according to the group they are in and it is meaningful to separate the stocks into clusters. H7: The ROA of stocks variable differ according to the group they are in and it is meaningful to separate the stocks into clusters. The analysis results are presented in Table 10 below.

Conclusion and Evaluation In this study, the availability of the cluster analysis was tested for the classification of stocks. At the same time, attempts have been made to create a portfolio from stocks traded in Borsa İstanbul with a different approach by means of this method.

For this purpose, the stages of the cluster analysis and the results obtained are presented. In doing so, it is desirable to bring together the stocks with the highest possible capital gains, which have a greater return potential than the market return. The companies included in the BIST index are divided into 12 different clusters by 10 financial ratios calculated from the financial statements.

All of the variables used in dividing stocks into clusters are found to be meaningful. On the basis of last one year And on the basis of last 3 year With the cluster analysis used in this study, complex and a large number of stocks that prices and performances depend on many variables have been transformed into smaller and more meaningful clusters that will help investors to make decisions more accurately.

Cluster analysis is a simple and at the same time practical method for classifying a set of complex data on the basis of certain variables, making it meaningful, analyzing it, present meaningful results, and using the obtained results as a helpful to decision making. If emissions in the global economy followed the same trend as the emissions of companies within the fund's portfolio, global temperatures would ultimately rise within this band.

Note, only corporate issuers are covered within the calculation. The bands help to underscore the underlying uncertainty in the calculations and the variability of the metric. This forward-looking metric is calculated based on a model, which is dependent upon multiple assumptions. Also, there are limitations with the data inputs to the model. Importantly, an ITR metric may vary meaningfully across data providers for a variety of reasons due to methodological choices e.

There is not a universally accepted way to calculate an ITR. There is not a universally agreed upon set of inputs for the calculation. At present, availability of input data varies across asset classes and markets. To the extent that data becomes more readily available and more accurate over time, we expect that ITR metric methodologies will evolve and may result in different outputs.

However, there is no guarantee that these estimates will be reached. The ITR metric is not a real time estimate and may change over time, therefore it is prone to variance and may not always reflect a current estimate. For newly launched funds, Sustainability Characteristics are typically available 6 months after launch. Business Involvement metrics can help investors gain a more comprehensive view of specific activities in which a fund may be exposed through its investments.

BlackRock leverages this data to provide a summed up view across holdings and translates it to a fund's market value exposure to the listed Business Involvement areas above. Business Involvement metrics are designed only to identify companies where MSCI has conducted research and identified as having involvement in the covered activity. As a result, it is possible there is additional involvement in these covered activities where MSCI does not have coverage. This information should not be used to produce comprehensive lists of companies without involvement.

Securities lending is an established and well regulated activity in the investment management industry. It involves the transfer of securities such as shares or bonds from a Lender in this case, the iShares fund to a third-party the Borrower. This fee provides additional income for the fund and thus can help to reduce the total cost of ownership of an ETF. At BlackRock, securities lending is a core investment management function with dedicated trading, research and technology capabilities.

The lending programme is designed to deliver superior absolute returns to clients, whilst maintaining a low risk profile. Funds participating in securities lending retain Collateral parameters depend on the collateral and the loan combination, and the over collateralisation level may range from Collateral parameters are reviewed on an ongoing bases and are subject to change.

For funds with an investment objective that include the integration of ESG criteria, there may be corporate actions or other situations that may cause the fund or index to passively hold securities that may not comply with ESG criteria. The screening applied by the fund's index provider may include revenue thresholds set by the index provider. The information displayed on this website may not include all of the screens that apply to the relevant index or the relevant fund.

The Information may not be used to create any derivative works, or in connection with, nor does it constitute, an offer to buy or sell, or a promotion or recommendation of, any security, financial instrument or product or trading strategy, nor should it be taken as an indication or guarantee of any future performance, analysis, forecast or prediction. MSCI has established an information barrier between equity index research and certain Information.

None of the Information in and of itself can be used to determine which securities to buy or sell or when to buy or sell them. Neither MSCI ESG Research nor any Information Party makes any representations or express or implied warranties which are expressly disclaimed , nor shall they incur liability for any errors or omissions in the Information, or for any damages related thereto. The foregoing shall not exclude or limit any liability that may not by applicable law be excluded or limited.

BlackRock has not considered the suitability of this investment against your individual needs and risk tolerance. We recommend you seek financial advice prior to investing. The Prospectus, the Prospectus with integrated fund contract, the Key Investor Information Document, the general and particular conditions, the Articles of Incorporation, the latest and any previous annual and semi-annual reports of the iShares ETFs domiciled or registered in Switzerland are available free of charge from BlackRock Asset Management Schweiz AG.

Investors should read the fund specific risks in the Key Investor Information Document and the Prospectus. All financial investments involve an element of risk. Therefore, the value of your investment and the income from it will vary and your initial investment amount cannot be guaranteed.

Past performance is not a guide to current or future performance. The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. You may not get back the amount originally invested. Changes in the rates of exchange between currencies may cause the value of investments to diminish or increase.

Fluctuation may be particularly marked in the case of a higher volatility fund and the value of an investment may fall suddenly and substantially. Levels and basis of taxation may change from time to time. All Rights reserved. All other trademarks are those of their respective owners. Restricted Investors This document is not, and under no circumstances is to be construed as an advertisement or any other step in furtherance of a public offering of shares in the United States or Canada.

Risk Warnings Investment in the products mentioned in this document may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not a guide to future performance and should not be the sole factor of consideration when selecting a product. The price of the investments may go up or down and the investor may not get back the amount invested. Your income is not fixed and may fluctuate. The value of investments involving exposure to foreign currencies can be affected by exchange rate movements.

We remind you that the levels and bases of, and reliefs from, taxation can change. The data displayed provides summary information, investment should be made on the basis of the relevant Prospectus which is available from your Broker, Financial Adviser or BlackRock Advisors UK Limited. We recommend you seek independent professional advice prior to investing.

In respect of the products mentioned this document is intended for information purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy the securities described within. This document may not be distributed without authorisation from the manager. Skip to content Individual investor. Financial intermediaries. Financial institutions. Primary Navigation. Actions we are taking to manage your investments in the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

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Average Volume 10 day —. Beta - 1 Year —. Price - 52 Week High —. Price - 52 Week Low —. Dividends Paid, FY —. Dividends per Share, FY —. Expected Annual Dividends —. Dividends Yield —. Net Margin, TTM —. Gross Margin, TTM —. Operating Margin, TTM —. Pretax Margin, TTM —. Income Statement. Gross Profit, FY —. Last Annual EPS —. Last Annual Revenue, FY —. Net Income, FY —. Total Revenue, FY —. More financials. Sector: Energy Minerals. The Energy segment focuses on refinery, fuel distribution, LPG distribution, power generation, natural gas, and other industries.

The Automotive segment covers the passenger cars, commercial vehicles, farm tractors, and defense sectors. The Consumer Durables segment includes white goods and consumer electronics. The Finance segment is involved in banking, leasing, insurance, real estate investment trust, pension funds, factoring, brokerage, asset management, and consumer finance activities. The Other segment includes other lines of business, such as food, retail, tourism, information technologies, and ship construction.

Breaking news. More news. Not with a billion shares. Toggle navigation. S" a Good Investment? Current Price. Get It Now! S stock? At Walletinvestor. S can be a profitable investment option. S quote is equal to Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the "KCHOL" stock price prognosis for is Current Price: Sign up or Log in to use Premium functions.

Chart Pattern Recognition Set a candle. Bullish or Bearish? Based on the last 30 days. Historical data:. Stock Info. Calculation For Trading:. S stock price be worth in five years ? S stock price hit TRY price in a year? Help us improve our free forecast service with share! S's KCHOL shares and potentially its market environment have been in a bullish cycle in the last 12 months if exists. Currently there seems to be a trend where stocks in the Industrials sector s have been popular in this period.

Our Ai stock analyst implies that there will be a positive trend in the future and the KCHOL shares might be good for investing for making money. Since this share has a positive outlook we recommend it as a part in your portfolio. Trading in bull markets is always easier so you might want to favor these shares under the given circumstances, but always read up on optimal investment strategies if you are new to investing.

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