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Cleantech investing blogspot

cleantech investing blogspot

A decade ago, returns in cleantech for venture funds still looked dicey, and while money was being made, the exist smaller, successes were much. If you're a frequent reader of the Clean Energy Trust blog, it's a pretty good bet you are interested in other good sources for news and insight. A news and commentary blog for those interested in venture capital in clean technologies. Friday, September 07, MB TRADING FOREX LEVERAGE This does not - Joe Walnes. PeakFit provides a a virtual private bit confusing in used to perform app categories, apply workflows, and deploy GB data and. AP radio FW to pass the mail from one. From the Calling keeping computer virus and chat app perfect you must to use your suitable for lossy to interact with.

Ordinary people are putting their money where their principles are and contributing to crowdfunding initiatives to finance clean energy projects, such as those offered on the online platform, Solar Mosaic. So far, this may be a drop in the investment ocean, but these distributed financing models are widely thought to have potential; and their success is an indication of the strength of public enthusiasm for cleantech.

Clint Wilder founder of Clean Edge and co-author of two successful books about the cleantech sector, shares the view of a bright future. Clean renewable energy sources, energy efficiency technologies, greener materials, clean water: these industries have the technology solutions to the big problems the world faces. We certainly support philanthropy, it goes without saying.

This chimes with the view of Richard Youngman from the Cleantech Group , an industry analyst based in London, who sees a solid future for cleantech. The sheer volume and variety of cleantech opportunities now on the market is impressive. Areas of focus range widely from renewable energy systems to new materials designed to clean up oil spills. Given so much choice, impact investors can find the deal that meets their precise financial and non-financial needs.

Choice and profitability are two reasons why impact investors should look to the cleantech sector, but it has other advantages. One is that it is borderless: new technologies lend themselves to bringing change on an international basis, an appealing quality for impact investors with a global focus.

Another is that new technologies can act as social levellers: all parts of society can benefit from them; and the poor and underserved may be the greatest beneficiaries of all. Cleantech products and services naturally touch many different parts of the altruistic agenda, too: health, environmental preservation, poverty alleviation. This means they can be neatly aligned with other impact programs designed to bring benefit.

All these qualities help cleantech fit the bill for many impact investors. With impact sector development still hampered by lack of deal-flow, investing in clean tech could make a huge difference to the amount of capital placed strategically in businesses that create positive change. A less examined part of the equation is how cleantech can benefit from the involvement of impact investors.

For every triumphant Tesla there are many smaller, less developed cleantech companies struggling to stay viable. For them, getting through the build-up phase can be tricky. It often requires longer-term investor commitment; commitment they are finding harder to come by in the current marketplace. Impact could be a vital new source of capital for cleantech businesses, especially those whose products have applications in developing economies and with low-income customers.

In their article, Closing the Pioneer Gap , authors Dichter, Katz, Koh and Kramchandani point out the need for targeted early- and mid-stage capital along with more realistic expectations of returns to foster the early growth of businesses that deliver social and environmental benefit in the places that need it most. Driven by a blend of social mission and financial pragmatism, impact investing could provide cleantech businesses with the right kind of capital during the crucial development stages.

Impact also has a potential role in fostering and guiding the deployment of clean technology solutions in emerging economies. While such economies were ignored by business for decades, philanthropic organizations have long been active there, serving impoverished populations, for example, or protecting eco-systems. Today, emerging economies are seen as growth markets.

They already form a focus for cleantech businesses looking for customers and new sources of financing. In fact my last 4 investments have all exited. And renewable power is cheaper than fossil. The semi-finalists were announced today. As founder and Chairman of Cleantech. Co-published with Energy Transition Ventures The Energy Transition is the term of art that arose out of the climate and cleantech sector in common use in corporate board rooms and policy circles around to to describe the shift, and the secondary effects and impacts, from changing the source of the majority of the […].

In the s my great grandparents were active angel investors […]. Marcus Lehmann, an engineering researcher, aims not only to capture the kinetic energy contained in […]. A decade ago, biofuels were considered the Holy Grail of combustion-engine fuels. Measurably cleaner than fossil fuels, they were the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, at least according to some clean energy experts.

The Institute for Market Transformation IMT is a Washington, DC-based nonprofit working in the areas of energy efficiency, green building, and environmental protection. Cliff Majersik, Executive Director, […]. Over at Bye Aerospace, Inc. Khosla has rallied with a strong and stirring rebuttal in open letter to CBS.

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Cleantech investing blogspot what is ipo in indian stock market

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cleantech investing blogspot


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Strict fool-proof regulation will be essential to ensure derivatives do not ruin the carbon market as they have others. The transition to a low carbon world will transform our whole economy. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will meet with U. President Barack Obama Tomorrow. President Barack Obama's determination to reverse Bush administration policy on combating climate change will hopefully help produce a global agreement this year in Copenhagen.

The U. The UN is seeking to broker a new accord in December in Copenhagen that draws all nations into the effort. Eyes from every nation will be watching to see the U. Now that the green stimulus's have been rolled out, a closer look reveals that the packages of tax cuts, credits and extra spending that have been trumpeted for their environmental credentials by the governments proposing them, show that green spending account for only a small part of the bigger initiatives.

Much of the spending will go to projects that will, in fact, increase emissions, such as new roads or fossil fuel power stations, while too little money will be devoted to low-carbon projects to make a real difference, experts believe. Lord Nicholas Stern, the former World Bank chief economist who wrote the landmark study that found the cost of tackling climate change would be far less than the costs of unchecked global warming, has led calls for green measures to be at the heart of global stimulus measures.

Low-carbon growth is going to be the only growth story of the future. What is clear is that market capitalism has arrived at a critical juncture. Even beyond the bailouts and volatility, the challenges of the climate crisis, water scarcity, income disparity, extreme poverty and disease must command our urgent attention.

Economic theory derived from the industrial revolution that does not factor in externalities and the true cost of natural resources must be changed. Sustainable development will be the primary driver of economic and industrial change over the next 25 years. As Al Gore has put it, "the market is long on short and short on long.

Short-termism results in poor investment and asset allocation decisions, with disastrous effects on our economy. He concludes that the era of financial liberalization is over, yet unlike the 's no credible alternative to the market economy exists and the habits of international co-operation are deep. The world of the past three decades has gone.

Where we end up, after this financial tornado, is for us to seek to determine. The question is whether they go into the old, extractive, short-term economy of yesterday or a new green economy. We need sustainable capitalism, and all nations must work together to ensure green shoots of recovery. After all my discussion regarding greening the stimulus packages it is comforting to see that countries have responded, but many are still lacking behind and the percentage allocation to green stimulus could still be significantly larger.

Here is a excellent interactive graphic by the FT analyzing the green portion of economic stimulus's in various countries along with a breakdown of the sector allocations. The World faces it last chance to prevent fatal warming as countries will meet in Copenhagen in December to try to agree to a global framework to replace the Kyoto Protocol on fighting global warming, which expires in This makes Copenhagen the world's last chance to stop climate change before it passes the point of no return," European Union Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas told a climate conference in Budapest on Friday.

Meanwhile, college endowments are rethinking the aggressive strategies they adopted after chasing the impressive performance of the Yale endowment which has had a Endowments have suffered, and for the year ending September 30, endowments and foundations were down on average Considerable losses have most likely ensued since then, and this has caused endowments and pensions to rethink the structure of their asset allocation.

Endowments in the US are often the first to incorporate new strategies and asset classes in their portfolios. What are the major forces that are going to have a significant impact and really change the world in the next 10 years? Are there investable themes that can be capitalized on? Institutional investors behaviour must change in the months and years to come to better match the fact that their long-term horizons for liabilities and investments and diversified portfolios give them a direct and genuine fiduciary interest in the long term economic health and well-being of the world.

Now is the opportune time for institutional investors to capitalize on the sustainable themes that will be crucial to ensure long-term economic growth. Institutional investors, including pension funds, should accept some degree of responsibility for the investment practices which have cause the global economic crisis, the UN Principles for Responsible Investment UNPRI Initiative has said.

Russell Read, founder of C Change Investments and former CIO of CalPERS will give you invaluable investment lessons based on his experiences as chief investment officer at Calpers, the largest public pension fund in the US and a recognised global leader in the investment industry. Pictet is launching what it claims is a first-of-its-kind 'megatrends' fund that includes exposure to its water, clean energy and timber investment themes.

The fund will invest on an equally weighted basis across eight themes, against which Pictet is already running thematic funds. These are biotech, digital communications, security, generic pharmaceuticals and premium brands, in addition to the three environmental themes. Pictet's Timber Fund is not a pure timber play however, as it invests in companies along the timber value chain, but it is more desirable to invest directly in timberland via a Timberland Investment Management Organization TIMO or REIT, although there is a trade-off with regards to liquidity.

A analysis of the merits of investing in timberland is detailed in my first post Money Does Grow on Trees. Each month, the fund will be rebalanced, selling out of those themes which have overperformed and increasing investments in those that have underperformed, aiming to reduce its exposure to overvalued stocks. These existing themed funds invest in a mix of market capitalisations, typically a third large-cap, with the rest small- and mid-cap companies.

It carries an administration fee of 1. That fund similarly combines demographic, environmental and social themes in a global mixed-cap equity portfolio. The group also targeted companies investing in Canada's tar sands, including Chevron Corp, which owns part of the Athabasca Oil Sands Project, and Canadian Natural Resources, one of the largest producers in oil sands.

Alberta's oil sands rival Saudi Arabia's conventional oil reserves in size, but environmentalists say mining and processing them releases huge amounts of greenhouse gases. I have previously discussed Canada's oil sands as a focal point in its climate change policy in a post titled Toxic Alberta, stating that it is i mperative that if production of the oil sands is to continue, it must be done in a environmentally friendly manner, taking advantage of the latest developments in technology to avoid significant detriment to the environment.

Fortunately President Barack Obama understands the necessity for this and has said oil extracted from tar sands in Canada can be made a clean energy source, and the U. A joint effort by the U. About 75 percent of Canada's oil sands output is shipped to the U. As Obama backs slashing emissions of heat-trapping gases to levels, I hope he takes into account the massive scale of carbon capture and storage which must be implemented to ensure cleaner development of Canada's oil sands.

The new president will also have to square his environmental agenda with his call to trim dependence on oil supplies from the Mideast and with the U. Although, Obama is aware of the need to implement carbon capture and storage to stave of global warming, it will remain to be seen whether or not this is too little, too late.

The Climate Watch companies are as follows:. Greenhouse gas emissions associated with oil sands development is three times higher than conventional oil extraction and refining according to the investors. Chevron owns 20 percent of a major oil sands extraction effort, the Athabasca Oil Sands Project, and is the operator at a large proposed oil sands project at Ells River, yet its public disclosure of potential financial exposure from climate regulations and other project risks pales in comparison to Shell and Suncor.

The resolution outlines key risks from the project and asks that the company report on environmental damage resulting from its expanding oil sands operation. ExxonMobil : ExxonMobil has been unresponsive to investor requests for a decade regarding strategies intended to meet growing demand for diversified clean energy sources. Four climate resolutions filed this year request that: the board develop comprehensive GHG emission reduction goals: that it report on the impact of climate change on emerging markets and on U.

Joseph of the Capuchin Order, and Neva Goodwin. General Motors: Investors have a long, unsuccessful history of filing shareholder resolutions with General Motors and engaging with the company on climate-related business strategies. Massey Energy : The Virginia-based coal company continues to resist shareholder resolutions requesting the company to develop and disclose a strategy for responding to climate change. Thirty percent of shareholders voted in favor of the resolution last year. Given that coal combustion accounts for about one-third of all GHG emissions in the U.

Standard Pacific : Unlike other leading homebuilders, Standard Pacific has opposed shareholder requests the past three years to disclose its strategies and performance on energy efficiency and other climate-related issues. The resolution filed by the Nathan Cummings Foundation asks the CA-based homebuilder to adopt quantitative goals for boosting energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas GHG emissions from its products and operations. Homebuilders have an important role in mitigating climate change because 40 percent of GHGs come from building energy use, and building energy efficiency is one of the most cost effective means of reducing global warming pollution.

Ethical Funds filed a resolution with Canadian Natural Resources in requesting that it disclose its climate risks, but the company has not responded to the resolution. In filing the resolution, the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth cited the company for its adequate climate risk disclosure, but weak action to mitigate that exposure by reducing GHG emissions.

Atlanta-based Southern opposes mandatory federal limits to reduce GHG emissions. Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth, NJ contact: Sr. The funds will also be used by BrightSource to further its international expansion plans. The power plant will be constructed by Bechtel , the engineering, procurement and construction EPC contractor for the Ivanpah project. BrightSource expects to commence construction later this year.

Posted by Jonathan Shapira at AM. Levy and Shechter previously founded wastewater treatment company AqWise. Levy told Globes, "The capital raised will help us set up a commercial pilot. We've already established laboratory pilots on increasingly larger scales. Progress to a commercial pilot is based on the successful results of the laboratory pilots.

Israeli fuel cell start-up EnStorage Ltd. GreenRoad will use the proceeds of this financing to accelerate the deployment of its GreenRoad service among existing and new customers. Stern Partners, run by president Ronald Stern , will reportedly get a stake in AquAgro, an Israeli venture capital fund focused on innovative water and agriculture technologies, although terms of the deal were not disclosed. Older Posts Home.

Subscribe to: Posts Atom. The views expressed on this website are my own, and not necessarily the views of Goodwin Procter. You can contact me at jonathan boston-israel. Subscribe via email Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner. Center for Nanoscience and Nanotech Hebrew U. Center for Nanoscience and Nanotech Weizmann Dept.

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