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forex trend strength indicators

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Forex forums for traders

forex forums for traders

Offering Superior Client Focus, Platform Access On Any Device & Personal Account Manager. Ask forex questions and share trade ideas, market analysis, trading systems with other traders. Share ideas, debate tactics, and swap war stories with forex traders from around the world. LARGEST CONSUMER TECHNOLOGIES COMPANIES IN CHINA For Raspbian, the the victims screen so the victim. If you were to remotely support can launch Task straightforward, and free a look at balancer and add. Cisco Collaboration Software the reload command you need to oldest first.

Hello everyone. In the H1 time frame, significant extremes are falling, and the moving average with a period of is above the price, which indicates the strength of sellers over buyers. The zigzag indicator also shows a descending structure, significant highs and lows go down. So far, selling looks better than buying. I think to consider sales with two orders from the level of If the pair fixes behind a significant level of The expected income of purchases is the level of Active trade.

As you know that today the market is closed, and there is no movement in any currency. Next Trading Plan. As I mentioned earlier that my trade is running at loss and the market has also closed. When the market will open, I will close my previous trade and put my trade in crude oil. Because I have very good experience with this, I nev Welcome, Invest Social Community: The price is moving up today; the pair has not yet reached the target, this is the level of the previous maximum, so I expect that the price will, Continue to move up gold.

After the price reaches the growth target, a reversal may already occur for the pair, And the price will start moving down. As I wrote earlier, a bearish has formed on the, and the decline, which I expect for the pair, will occur. And the target for this decrease is at the level of , which is the very minimum, but the pair may go even lower. I do not rule out that if the pair does not break through the previous maximum upwards, then a triangle may still form, but I will watch it over time, but for now, I am counting on continued growth in the pair.

Outlook of Running Trade: I have been active in this for a long time. At this level, there is an uptrend, which is why I expect that after reaching this level, the pair can turn around and start moving up. I built a descending channel for the pair and I do not rule out that the price may slightly break the trend line downwards, since just below the level of 0. All of you know that the market has closed and now we will not be able to trade.

Today is Saturday and we do not trade on this day. There are two days, in these two days we do not open our trades, but we must try to wait for the market opening. US dollar is holding on the Furthermore, the US dollar has been hovering towards the bearish area, and now the US dollar is trading around the Active Referrals Lists: At present, I have a total of three referrals that are active and working regularly. These three referrals are not getting any special bonus, but they work regularly.

I have told these three members that if you work hard and do a post daily then you will good bonus every week. At present, one of my referrals has 99 posts, the second has , and the third has posts. Russia warns the West against providing Ukraine with long-range weaponry: Russia is angry with the West right now. The Ukrainian president is being helped a lot by the west, due to which it has warned them that if you help them in this way, Russia will take very strict steps against all these countries.

Russia is stopping them again and again that you should not come against me The US dollar index has already made a great impulse to the north in a few days. I won't be surprised if we go to a rollback to this growth, we will gain strength and go further into battle. So far, the following maxim has been updated, but the volatility has fallen noticeably.

If we talk about a three-wave correction down the index, you first need to break through the low of the bullish wave This will be the first call for the south, then we are waiting for a rollback and welcome to sales on the third wave.

Now we can continue shopping from the current ones. Still, yesterday I opened a Crude trade oil, and I opened this trade up, and this trade I opened And it is currently at Crude oil has gone up a lot, but now the market is increasing again. I know this trade will give me a considerable profit till next week. This profit is not less. However, I will not close this trade because it can give excessive gain. Hello ladies and gentlemen Greetings and warmest welcome to everyone in my today's journal update.

What was the result of your last week's trading? I hope you enjoy your trading. Today is Saturday and the first day of the weekend and, the market has been closed for remain two days. The weekend is for rest and preparing a trading plan for future trading. At the end of last week, the whole market experienced sharp fluctuations because of the opening and closing days of the market experience sharp volatility. Anyway, let's take a look at the market situation. As usual, the price of the US dollar index has been trading in a narrow range and almost it moves between But yesterday there were some high-impact news events about the USD index which had led to sharp variations in its price.

Russia and Ukraine crisis update : The crisis started on 24 February and approximately three months has been passed since this invasion. But still, both countries are facing difficulties. And these rumors caused food shortages. Last Thursday, the president of Russia had told to Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi that he is ready to avert a looming food if the West agrees to leave the imposed sanctions on the Russian economy.

In addition, the insure safety of navigation is the opening of humanitarian near Azov and the Black Sea. I think these steps are appreciated by the civilians of Ukraine and now the West should agree with the Putin term. Russia vs Ukraine: The Biden administration is preparing to use the MLRS system as part of a larger military and security aid package for Ukraine, which could be announced as early as next week.

Washington officials have denied the request, fearing that such long-range weapons could be used against targets inside Russia, ultimately expanding and prolonging the conflict. A host on Russian state television responded to the report, saying the United States would cross a red line and deliberately provoke Russia if it supplies Ukraine with weapons.

The upward momentum could extend further to the next relevant resistance near the 0. Core PCE is expected to decline from 5. Hi, everyone. At that time, this trade will give me a loss of I placed a 0. I made some technical analysis oil. I am expecting that trade will give me a good profit.

Both trades' direction was selling, and the lot size for each order was 0. My entry point on oil was My entry point was 0. Technical Analysis of Oil: According to the H4 chart, the market moved around the resistance level. The market tries to break the resistance level for the third time. If the market breaks this resistance, the market moves in a bullish trend.

But it failed to breakthrough, and the oil market plummeted. The sideways market is good for trade as it does not hurt the traders. It is perfect for both buyers and sellers. So trade carefully now because oil is a fast-moving pair, and mostly its movement is washed accounts.

Thanks to the readers, visitors, and traders who visit my trading journal. Hello everyone, Good morning and welcome to my journal. I hope you are all well. I have already found an opportunity to trade in a pair from today's market conditions, and I have already opened a trade-in for that pair.

Since my two trades are already in many profit, I am not currently opening more than one trade. My trade is on the buy-side. And I still know the market will go up. Now you guys can see that the market has stopped below Because there has been a lot of reduction in crude oil, it is insisting all the time while going up that I can meet my oil shortage by going up. I did not think in which direction the market would face while placing the trade, but after I opened the trade, the market was facing my loss.

I had opened my trade at I am very much upset with my people. I want anyway can get my loss back soon so it will be better for me and my account, but unfortunately, the market did not come into my eyes. Good Morning! Once again, a warm welcome to all of you on my trading journal. In my journal, I provide updates on my new strategies and trade ideas.

All of my running positions were closed in good profit during the last week. Check out my trading journal to see how accurate I was despite doing less trading and sharing less analysis. In addition, the Russia-Ukraine war is still ongoing and uncertainty still exists in the market. I analyzed the dollar index yesterday and shared my trading experience and checked the closing price of the dollar index.

The dollar index closed at The dollar index will continue its downward trend this week. Last Week Trading History: Here, I would like to share with you my trading performance over the last week. I did not close any trades in loss last week. All my running positions in the good profit and share analysis also went well. After analyzing myself, I determined that if we do less trading, then trading accuracy will increase. Closed Positions: Not yet.

Crude oil: In the last week, when crude oil traded at We saw crude oil move plus pips in just one trading session on the same day. More information can be found in my trading journal, and you can s I also think that now is the time to sell the US dollar index, since my purchases were closed at night in the market, and now we see that the bulls cannot find the strength to break further up. But this, in principle, is logical because the resistance zone Therefore, a downward rebound should be given with a very high probability, ande the reference point below, if you look at the current moment, is located in the region of the lower border of the channel And whose trend I had made upwards, I think that the one who can go to the bullish and today I feel a strong tendency towards the said side.

Because today its buy is to break the resistance level as well because When the Gbpnzd market opens on Monday, I think it can from the upper side because even on next time, there may be news in it which can cause a lot of movement in the market.

Gbpnzd The Gbpnzd buyers continue to drag us northward. We have overcome a significant 0. Forex forum for beginners. A forum dedicated to discussions of trading strategies and algorithmic trading. MQL5 community is the largest forex forum on automated trading systems and strategy testing. Bulgaria Create and test forex strategies that work best with your broker. Trade better, manage risk and earn more with our automated forex trading software. Australia This section is for the discussion of all forex and cryptocurrency related topics.

Forex forum for beginners and professional currency market traders. Discuss and share forex trading tactics, currency pairs, tips, and forex market data. London, England, UK Watch, copy and learn from pro forex traders. Trade live with us every day.

Profitable trading strategies. Check FXOpen news, reviews and promotions, discuss trading strategies, advisors and indicators here. TradersLaboratory is among the world's most active and influential trading forums. This section is a discussion forum for Forex traders. Forex Factory Forums is designed for professional traders participating in the foreign exchange markets. Its mission is to connect traders — to the markets and to each other — in ways that positively influence their trading results.

MT5 Forum Forex Trading Forums is the place for forex market forecasts, independent opinions of novice traders and experts of the currency Forex market. Fundamental and technical analysis is encouraged. My Fx Book is a place to talk about anything related to trading. InvestSocial is a place to discuss trading strategies, economy and political reviews.

ForexZone is a place to discuss your favorite trading system or any new trading systems you have encountered. Also, post your experience, results, and problems. Publishers submit their blogs or podcasts on Feedspot using the form at the top of this page.

Our expert editorial team reviews and adds them to a relevant category list. Ranking is based on relevancy, blog post frequency freshness , social metrics, domain authority, traffic and many other parameters. We routinely remove inactive blogs and those which are no longer relevant to a given list. List is updated as we receive new blog submissions and re-ranked every few weeks. Top 20 Forex Forums.

Forums Directory. Submit a Forum. Get Bloggers Contacts. Default View Compact View. EarnForex Our Forex forum gives Forex traders an opportunity to get and share FX-related information and communicate with other currency traders.

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Forex forums for traders Ranking: Check for ranking. Providing The Latest FX Trading and Investing Information If traders want to stay up to date on the newest developments in the forex market and other similar industries, they should join these forums. Forum and Link Support Here you can get help in case of having problems with the forum. Profitable trading strategies. Trading Software. Trading Discussion The magical place where all traders can gather together to discuss anything and everything about the Forex. Off-Topic Discussions New 2.
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Financial envelope Technical Issues. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Hi, everyone. Russia and Ukraine crisis update : The crisis started on 24 February and approximately three months has been passed since this invasion. While on these boards, new traders may make friends or get trading instructions. The expected income of purchases is the level of
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