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Ethics and Integrity Compliance Ethics and integrity describes our fundamental values, principles, standards and norms of our business conduct, as defined by our codes of conduct and codes of ethics. Training and Education We believe in continuously investing in the knowledge and skills of our employees to improve their ability to perform.

Training and education builds our human capital which, in turn, leads to better organisational development. Economic Performance This includes the generation and distribution of sustainable economic value to our stakeholders. STEP 3 The material matters were prioritised based on their importance to both the Bank and our stakeholders using a matrix.

Our stakeholders are important to us and we believe in engaging with them to share our business plans and strategy while obtaining valuable input from them through open, two-way communication. Enhanced range of suppliers. Wider reach through state religious councils.

Potential to convert members of local communities into customers. We keep our employees informed of regulatory changes through monthly email updates via email and internal communication portals on guidelines and directives issued by regulators and other relevant authorities.

To test their knowledge and understanding of regulatory matters, we deploy online quizzes yearly. In addition, we review all processes and procedures within our business units to ensure they are aligned with existing regulations. As part of our efforts to improve our compliance record, we seek to foster a compliance culture and promote awareness of regulatory requirements among our employees through activities such as Compliance Awareness Weeks.

At such events, we disseminate guidelines on individual roles and responsibilities and enhance awareness of local and foreign regulations as well as legal provisions. At Bank Muamalat, we hold our customers in the highest regard and are committed to providing them the best possible service. Our Customer Service Excellence Blueprint is a detailed plan encompassing strategies to enrich the customer experience at all critical touchpoints.

As part of the blueprint, we have initiated various programmes and systems to enhance our service delivery. These include mesramuamalat, a back-to-basics service excellence training for branch staff on selfgrooming, greeting walk-in customers and telephone etiquette. From May to November , a total of 29 mesramuamalat training sessions were conducted involving staffs from 63 branches. These policies are continuously updated along with any changes in the regulatory environment.

Our policies are supported by internal systems, which are also upgraded as and when needed. Checks and audits are carried out at our headquarters and branches to ensure compliance. Further underlining efforts are taken to ensure customer privacy, we outsource certain functions such as the preparation of cheque books and the mailing of bank statements.

We also reinforce a culture of safeguarding critical information through awareness building and training. Moving forward, the Bank seeks to keep improving our customer experience through increasingly better personal and digital service. As an Islamic bank, we are guided by and adhere to core Shariah principles that include: mutual risk and profit sharing between parties; the assurance of fairness for all; and ensuring all transactions are based on underlying activity or assets.

Even prior to signing this pledge Bank Muamalat was known to have zero tolerance for corruption or any other form of unethical behavior. In , we set up the Muamalat Ethics Line in order to uphold high standards of integrity. All employees can raise concerns regarding any misconduct, regardless of their seniority, via a hotline, an email or through hardcopy letters.

The move was spurred by the desire to further strengthen our value-based systems and practices through learning and knowledge sharing with other members of the alliance. Through GABV, we gain the following: International recognition as a bank focused on creating positive societal impact Access to cross-border transactions and banking opportunities Greater influence to create a mind shift in banking approaches from collective support of other members Medium for product and service innovation Platform to develop future leaders via employee exchange programmes or through centralised GABV training and development programmes Using the GABV Scorecard, moreover, will help us track our performance in embedding value-based banking into our business culture.

We do not tolerate any form of harassment, ie comments or actions that are unwelcome to the recipient. Candidates that fulfil criteria within these areas are then required to sit for an internal assessment. Moving forward, the Bank plans to develop a behavioural-based questionnaire to be used during interviews with candidates. Future reporting will include further information on our initiatives related to non-discrimination.

At the same time, banks need to ensure that consumers are treated fairly in sales, marketing and transparency of specific information on their financing. Fundamentally, as an Islamic bank, we operate based on a few core principles; mutual risk and profit sharing between parties, the assurance of fairness for all and transactions are based on underlying business activities or assets.

We recognise that, through responsible financing, we are in a position to create an indirect positive impact on society, and especially on lower and middle-income earners, such as financing the construction of affordable homes. For example, by providing financing to a company involved in the construction of affordable homes, Bank Muamalat would indirectly be helping to improve the standard of living of local communities.

The Malaysian Armed Forces. Being in the military, we understand how difficult it is for them to do banking services due to their diverse locations and financial preferences. This is one of the reason why most banks are unable to provide comprehensive financial services to the military.

With this intention, we tailored our products to suit the financial needs of the army which basically covers their entire life cycle; from the first time they join the army as a recruit up to the point of their retirement. Starting from making sure that they have savings account, we helped them in consolidating their debt with a special scheme that would allow them to better manage their cash flows. We also do regular RM3.

In addition, earlier this year the Bank launched on affordable housing scheme and investment scheme to foster a culture of investing as well as improving their socio-economic status. We target to increase our financing portfolio that is in line with the triple bottom line to close to RM5.

We recognise that to create a highperformance culture, we need to continuously build the capabilities and competencies of our people through professional and personal development programmes. Investment in the professional development of our people is vital to drive the Bank to the next desired level. The Human Capital Division is responsible for identifying the required skills and competencies of the Bank and assessing the availability of these needs among our workforce. Where there are gaps, appropriate training programmes are designed for targeted employees.

In addition, employees participated in external training programmes. Our training and development programmes provided a broader strategic understanding of business, leadership and management skills and had benefitted a total of managers Our leadership programmes mainly focused on developing business skills, strategic management workshop and aligning our employees with the 5-year strategic business plan initiatives.

The Bank continues to invest in the growth and development of our people. The following are key programmes which were implemented to enhance our capabilities and competencies, and to address skills needed to achieve the targets set out in the 5-year Strategic Business Plan. The programmes provide learning journey concept, best practices and state of the art leadership approaches. Work-Life Balance 2. We seek to attract a diverse workforce and provide the same opportunities for recruitment and job progression to all employees, regardless of their gender, age, race, religion or cultural background.

We believe in treating everyone equally, based on individual merit, in terms of recruitment, training and job progression. As a measure of our gender impartiality, women make up roughly half Moving forward, we intend to identify more women with the relevant qualifications and experience to serve on our Board of Directors.

The FitMuamalat app was launched in to support this initiative, enabling the tracking of fitness and wellness activities. This contributed to a high level of engagement across divisions through formal and informal activities, strengthening team spirit within and between divisions. Health and Wellness Week , themed Health is Wealth, was held for five days in March with a total of 30 participating vendors.

The event included a briefing and demonstration by Third Party Administrator TPA on their app for online claims submission, launch of Pharmacy Benefits Management for those under long-term medication, health screenings, health talks and promotion of healthy products, foods and beverages. Overall, there was a high level of employee engagement at the Bank through various sports and recreational activities cycling, marathon, indoor games, etc and Corporate Social Responsibility CSR events.

By encouraging an active lifestyle among our employees, their health and well-being results in enhanced business productivity through reduced absences, improved Takaful premiums and better employee relationships. Community Development 2. Entrepreneur Development 3. This is reflected in two of our 5-year Strategic Business Plan pillars: to position Bank Muamalat as the banker of choice for local communities; and being recognised as a socially responsible bank.

Building on these two pillars, much focus is directed towards community initiatives, especially where there is a high concentration of our customers. One of our key target audiences is the armed forces community, who we believe are not given equal banking opportunities by other financial institutions due to their modest income level and lack of financial literacy.

We enhance the financial literacy of members of the armed forces through briefings and training in areas such as financial planning, debt management and investment. We carry out dakwah preaching activities to enhance the spiritual well-being of Muslims by conducting talks on religion, and participate actively in Forum Perdana Hal Ehwal Islam, a weekly forum-based tv show on RTM1 revolving around current Islamic-based topics.

In addition, we give to communities in need in different ways. Mattresses and duit raya were also presented to each of the less fortunate around the Masjid Jamek area. As a bank, we also leverage our resources to offer micro-financing to pensioners, and scholarships to deserving students.

Going a step further, we contribute to Roving Clinics that serve remote communities in Sabah and Sarawak. We have set a microfinancing target of RM2. We also plan to blend wakaf services with more of our business products. As part of our effort to conserve, maintain and preserve the state of the environment for a better place for future generations ahead, we have initiated the first corporate programme that involved the propagation of sea coral reefs.

Avid divers of the Bank and selective staff were trained on the process of taking, cutting and how to tie the sea corals to the steel frame which will be placed at the bottom of the sea within the area of a plot of seabed that has been named as Bank Muamalat Sea Coral Park. This initiative will be an on-going effort in preserving our current environment as we continue to search for other suitable locations and partners. To date, a total of RM47 million in financing has been approved for SMEs under various collaboration schemes.

Moving forward, we seek to promote the smaller local businesses and entrepreneurs within the SME sector that serve as vendors or suppliers to existing Bank Muamalat customers. Such outfits often are unable to carry out their business until they receive payments from their clients. Focus on this sector further reinforces our positioning as a valuebased bank because it contributes directly to the real economy, with most SME products providing solutions to daily consumer needs.

We are driven to nurture, groom and develop local SMEs to become competitive, resilient and sustainable in the domestic and global markets. Given that a large number of small and mediumsized enterprises lack the credentials to obtain funding, there is a particular need to look into mechanisms that provide them access to some much-needed capital without incurring high risks. Towards this end, we have introduced several financing packages targeted specifically for SME retail businesses, such as BiZStar-I which addresses their property and expansion needs.

Low populated or disadvantaged areas are defined by areas that have low income population but with high economic activities as well as areas that are lack of social and public facilities. Rapid development of digital technologies is changing the way organisations operate and how we interact with our customers. Within the financial services industry, digital processes are replacing conventional systems for greater efficiencies while online channels are enabling more convenient, value-added services that create a better customer experience.

Digital Banking 2. Energy 3. Our aim is to build our internal capability for greater customer experience and accessibility using digital systems to enhance our customer engagement and diversify our product offerings. In terms of products and services, in FY we introduced online banking. Further digitalising our services, in August we launched a mobile app that provides a number of useful functions for our customers, including the ability to: 1 check their bank balance; 2 perform bank transfers; 3 pay bills; 4 reload their prepaid cards; and 5 perform online shopping.

Through the mobile app, customers can also determine prayer times, locate the nearest Bank Muamalat branch, use an in-built financial calculator, and contribute towards charities. We strive to keep enhancing our digital transformation to engage more efficiently with our customers and suppliers. Such data will enable us to fine-tune our products and services to offer greater value to our customers thus strengthening their loyalty to the Bank.

At the same time, greater use of digital systems and processes will contribute to other efforts by Bank Muamalat to protect and preserve the environment, as we move towards a cashless and paperless environment. ENERGY Although financial institutions are not among industries that consume large amounts of energy, we believe we still have a role to play in better managing energy usage within our premises to contribute towards global efforts to address climate change and related environmental issues.

We also replaced conventional lighting tubes and bulbs in our premises with energy-saving LED lights as part of our initiative to reduce energy consumption. The initiative on its own helped us to reduce the electricity consumption by 1. In the long term, we will continue to adopt new technologies to become a greener and more energy efficient organisation.

Given the importance of the role they play, we value our vendors and seek to maintain procurement processes and practices that are transparent and fair to ensure a healthy and sustainable supply chain. Various initiatives have been implemented to create a conducive environment for our vendors and enhance their level of satisfaction in working with Bank Muamalat.

They include efforts to improve our turnaround time for delivery and payment processing. Shorter processing times result in prompt payments which, in turn, promotes more competitive rates and better service delivery. We strive to be transparent in our evaluations with continuous improvements in the selection process. There is a shift from price-per-piece towards total cost of ownership TCO and best value. We recognise that more can be done to further improve our procurement framework, and have several initiatives in the pipeline.

Information from the evaluation will help us build stronger relationships with key vendors for enhanced collaboration to realise value. We plan to leverage technology during the vendor selection process by having a more structured data management system for vendor evaluation. In this manner, we hope to strengthen our vendor relationships while building the social impact of our business.

The first collaboration was between Bank Muamalat and Perbadanan Wakaf Selangor, the first collaboration in the country between a bank and a government body in collecting and managing waqf fund for the state. Since then, WSM received overwhelming response from the public. As at FY , total wakaf fund collected was RM 20,, Through Tabung Mawaddah, the Bank is committed to distribute its fund in helping the most vulnerable members of the society that is categorized as per Shariah principles.

TM is funded by zakat and alms sadaqah sources contributed by Bank Muamalat and the staff. Fakir RM, He left for London the next year. He obtained a B. D in International Relations in During his time at NST, he published numerous articles on national and international politics, and economics.

He was invited by the Government of Malaysia to establish and become the first and founding Executive Chairman of the Securities Commission in , where he served for two terms until In , he received the Cranfield Management Excellence award. In June , Dr. His deep involvement in Asean business advocacy is also reflected in his position as President Asean Business Club. Munir has also been chairman of the Financial Services Professional Board since He is also a member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants.

He was previously the Chief Financial Officer of Khazanah for seven years before assuming a new role as Executive Director of Investments in June After graduating from LSE, he pursued his professional accounting qualification from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and admitted to fellowship in Thereafter, he was transferred to the Magistrate Court in Segamat, Johor.

He was a world-wide partner and director in Accenture, specializing in financial industry and later leads the government market practice. He was the Accountant General of Malaysia and retired in October He began his career as an Accountant in the government sector since He is also a qualified Chartered Banker. He then pursued his studies at Jordan University and in the year , he successfully obtained a Masters Degree in Islamic Judiciary. Since then until October , he served as a lecturer at the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

Madya Dr. He succeeded in obtaining his PhD. He has been with Bank since December His specialization areas are in Islamic Economics and Islamic Civilization. Andrews University Scotland in Nationality Age Committee since Malaysia 47 Dr. Currently, she teaches principles of Islamic economics and Islamic finance as well as the applications of modern Islamic banking, takaful and Islamic capital market.

They are, moreover, responsible and accountable for all Shariah decisions, opinions and views provided by them. In cases where there are uncertainties or differences of opinions, Bank Muamalat may seek advice from the SAC and refer to its recommendation. The request for advice shall be communicated through the Secretariat of the SAC. Members of the Shariah Committee must not act in a manner that would undermine the regulations and decisions made by the SAC or the committee they represent.

They are required to respect and observe published Shariah regulations issued by the SAC and shall not go against the decisions of the committee that they represent in public. Any 4 Endorse and validate relevant documentation To ensure that all Bank Muamalat products comply with Shariah principles, the Shariah Committee must approve: i.

However, the Shariah Committee is allowed to adopt a more stringent Shariah decision. Both appointments were effective from 29 March Have at least three directors 2. Have a majority of independent directors 3. Chaired by an independent director 4. The Chairman of the Board does not chair any of the Board Committees 5.

The Executive Director is not a member of the Board Committees 6. The directors have the skills, knowledge and experience relevant to the responsibilities of the Board Committee A brief profile of each Director is presented on pages 86 to 95 of this Annual Report.

In discharging their duties, the Directors act on a well-informed basis, in good faith, with due diligence and care, and in the best interests of Bank Muamalat and our stakeholders. In discharging their duties and responsibilities, the Directors are mindful of public interests and concerns of the business community, particularly those of our customers, shareholders and all other stakeholders.

Independent reviews are to be conducted regularly to verify compliance with the prudential limit and standards set by Bank Muamalat as well as established internal policies. The Non-Executive Chairman oversees the smooth functioning of the Board ensuring that relevant procedures and processes are in place to facilitate the Board in carrying out its functions effectively.

The Chairman also ensures that decisions are made on a sound and well-informed basis, taking into consideration all strategic and critical issues, and that Directors receive the relevant information on a timely basis. Scheduled Board meetings are structured with a pre-set agenda. The Directors are provided with the meeting agenda and papers containing information relevant to the matters to be deliberated in advance of the meetings for their perusal.

The Board has direct access to Bank information through the Senior Management as well as the services of the Company Secretary. The Company Secretary also ensures that a quorum is present at the commencement of each Board and Committee meeting in order to constitute a valid meeting. There is no maximum limit for such directorships. The Company Secretary also facilitates timely communication of decisions made and policies set by the Board at Board meetings, to the Senior Management for action.

The Company Secretary works closely with the Management to ensure timely and appropriate information flow within and to the Board and Board Committees, and between the Non-Executive Directors and Management. The appointment and removal of the Company Secretary must be approved by the Board.

Training Programme for Directors The Board assumes the responsibility to further enhance the skills and knowledge of its members on relevant new laws and regulations and changing commercial risks, as well as to keep abreast with developments in the financial services industry. Each Director attends at least one training programme a year.

All trainings are identified by Bank Muamalat during the financial year. Appointment and Re-appointment of Directors Bank Muamalat is guided by the BNM CG in respect of the appointment of new Directors and re-appointment of existing Directors upon the expiry of their tenures. All appointments are subject to approval by BNM. The BNRC also ensures candidates satisfy the relevant requirements on the skills and core competencies of a director and are deemed fit and proper to be appointed as director in accordance with the Fit and Proper criteria.

Fresh insights from the two Directors will, moreover, help Bank Muamalat overcome challenges ahead. Being eligible, they may offer themselves for re-election, a process that enables shareholders to vote them back into office. Directors who are appointed as additional directors or to fill casual vacancies during the year are subject to re-election by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting following their appointment.

Tenure of Independent Directors The tenure of an Independent Director is capped at nine years, which can either be consecutive or cumulative with intervals or upon expiry of the prevailing term as approved by BNM, whichever is the later date. In addition, assessment is undertaken to gauge the effectiveness of the relevant Board Committees.

The annual Board assessment exercise comprises a customised questionnaire which is prepared internally. In addition, the BRMC is responsible for ensuring that a comprehensive risk management infrastructure is in place for managing risks associated with Mudharabah and Musharakah financing or investments. The BAC is authorised by the Board to investigate any activities within its terms of reference and has unrestricted access to both the internal and external auditors and Senior Management team of Bank Muamalat.

In addition, the BNRC is responsible for developing a remuneration policy for members of the Shariah Committee commensurate with their roles and responsibilities. Meetings are held as and when required for the BNRC to deliberate related matters. Members of the Shariah Committee are scholars renowned for their knowledge and experience in Fiqh Muamalat. Further details of the Shariah Committee are set out on pages 96 to 97 of this Annual Report.

It also establishes minimum requirements for the CEO. The Board has overall responsibility for maintaining a system of internal controls that provides reasonable assurance of effective and efficient operations and compliance with laws and regulations, as well as internal procedures and guidelines.

Related Party Transactions Details of related party transactions of Bank Muamalat are disclosed on pages to under the Audited Financial Statement for the financial year ended 31 March of this Annual Report. Management Reports At every Board meeting, a progress report on ongoing projects pertaining to products and services, information technology, recruitment, human resources, policies and procedures, regulatory requirements as well as income and expenses is submitted to the Board for review.

In carrying out its function, it relies on the results of independent audits performed by internal auditors, statutory audits on financial statements conducted by external auditors, and representations by Management based on self-assessment of areas under their responsibility.

For the year under review, the primary risk management and internal control oversight responsibilities were carried out by the BAC. The Board has extended the responsibilities of the BAC to include monitoring all internal controls on its behalf, such as identifying risk areas and communicating critical risk issues to the Board.

The BAC is supported by an internal audit function which is independent of the activities it audits. The internal auditors have performed their duties with impartiality, competency and due professional care. The BAC has performed its oversight role satisfactorily, ensuring there is a sound system of internal controls and regularly reviewing its adequacy and integrity. Meanwhile, the Management and Auditors internal and external have provided assurance that the risk management, control and governance processes are effective.

S ect i on VI G over n a n c e The Management assists the Board implement its policies on risk management and internal control by identifying and evaluating risks faced by the Bank for consideration by the Board; and designing, executing and monitoring the systems of risk management and internal control to mitigate and control the risks. The internal audit plan adopts a risk-based approach and is approved by the BAC annually. The MAC ensures that issues raised by IAD, the external auditor and regulators are addressed within appropriate and agreed timeframes.

The MAC comprises senior level representatives from the different business and support units, and is chaired by the Executive Vice President of the Finance Division. Minutes of its monthly meetings together with the relevant audit reports are directed to the BAC for its review, deliberation and further action, where required. The status of actions taken by the Management on observations raised by the abovementioned parties are tracked by the MAC and minutes of their meetings are presented to the BAC for its deliberation.

Minutes of the BAC meetings are then tabled to the Board. These policies, procedures and processes are reviewed and updated by the business and functional units through a structured review and approval process to cater to changes in laws and regulations as well as changes to the business and operational environment.

Organisation Structure The Bank has a formal organisational structure that provides clear demarcation of reporting and responsibility to ensure proper assignment of authorities, segregation of duties and accountability towards Bank Muamalat. The organisational structure provides a basic framework to ensure smooth and functional operations as well as details the span of control in ensuring effective supervision of dayto-day business conduct and accountability.

Performance is reviewed against the targeted results on a monthly basis to allow corrective actions to be taken to mitigate risks. The Board reviews regular reports from the Management on key financial and operating statistics, as well as legal and regulatory matters. Whistle Blowing Policy The Bank has an established Whistle Blowing process for staff to report any abuse of authority or to raise concerns in a responsible manner regarding any unprofessional or unethical conduct.

The Bank views the risk appetite statement as an important component of its risk management framework as it provides the necessary guidance and risk-taking boundary and ensures a consistent and comprehensive approach towards managing risk. Bank Muamalat adopts an integrated risk management approach which helps to ensure that these risks and their unique interactions are properly identified, addressed and managed in a comprehensive The integrated risk management framework enables the Bank to optimize use of its capital and other resources while ensuring sound management and control of the principal risks.

It provides a blueprint for the Board of Directors to execute its responsibilities and includes a framework for the delegation of authority to the relevant committees and executive officers. The Board is responsible for the overall risk governance and oversight, which include determination of risk strategies, defining the risk appetite, and ensuring effective of control and monitoring of risks.

It oversees the risk management function through a clearly defined risk management structure, which includes board and management level committees with distinct roles, responsibilities and discretionary authority. To ensure effective oversight, Management is responsible for tracking and reporting performance based on agreed measurements as well as any exceptions to stipulated guidelines or limits.

Each committee and control unit has its own delegated roles, responsibilities and authorities. The Board maintains the ultimate responsibility for overall risk governance and management. It is responsible for ensuring that the risk management structure is clearly defined and effective. Through this risk structure, the Board is able to monitor and ensure that the risk management strategies are properly executed and risk exposures are closely monitored and kept within the defined risk boundaries and controls.

Reviewing and assessing the existing risk management framework for its continued efficacy and for ensuring that robust infrastructure and systems as well as resources are in place to minitor risk and capital effectively. Independently from the Board. Serves as advisory to the Board and management team on all Shariah matters. Shariah management and compliance are closely aligned to ensure an integrated and end-to-end Shariah compliance management.

Financial objectives for each business line are established by setting growth and return targets and allotting capital. The overall performance and risk-adjusted returns of each business line are assessed against the set targets and indicators. The Bank regularly evaluates the capital and operating limits, as part of the overall governance process, in light of rapid changes in the business and economic environment and rising competitive pressures.

Management-level risk committees are set up to oversee specific risk areas and perform risk control functions. These include asset and liability management, credit evaluation and management, investment management, and operational risk management.

The Risk Management Department supports the above committees by performing the day-to-day risk management functions and operates independent of business targets. The framework aligns risk management accountability, oversight and assurance across all units within the Bank where each unit has specific responsibility for managing risk. Ensures independent oversight and management of all material risks undertaken by the Bank. Provides specialized resources for developing risk frameworks, policies, methodologies and tools for risk identification, measurement and control.

Provides the control function, which monitors the risks by using various key indicators and reports, guided by established risk appetite and tolerance limits. It incorporates key performance indicators, such as earnings volatility, liquidity and capital ratios, and strategic tolerance levels to facilitate ongoing monitoring and oversight.

As overall risk capacity is limited, the Bank needs to prioritize the risks it takes on in order to maintain a strong and flexible financial position to weather through challenging economic conditions and take advantage of organic growth opportunities. Business units are required to operate within stated risk limits which are based on the amount of capital, earnings or liquidity that the Bank is willing to put at risk in order to achieve its strategic objectives and business plans.

Risk management strategies are formed in line with the RAS as it provides the basis for risk-taking boundaries, tolerance limits and measures. It provides a common framework and comparable set of measures for the Board and Management to clearly indicate the level of risk the Bank is willing to accept and ensures that the Bank maintains an acceptable risk profile. Capital requirements are assessed with strategic and business plans and pursuant to this, an annual capital plan is formulated to ensure sufficient capital level is maintained to meet business needs and support the risks associated with these activities.

The Bank applies the Standardized Approach for credit and market risks and the Basic Indicator Approach for operational risk in order to calculate and determine its capital position. The capital position is closely monitored against the capital plan and internal targets to ensure that it is maintained within set targets or to trigger preemptive or remedial actions, if required. The Bank also conducts periodic stress tests to assess potential impact of internal and external factors on its capital position, review its capital management strategies, and ascertain adequacy of its capital buffer.

These stress tests are performed at least twice in a year. The annual capital plan therefore addresses any capital issuance requirement, capital composition and maturity profile, and capital crisis contingency planning. The framework also specifies clear responsibilities for risk management activities as well as the reporting requirement and ongoing monitoring of these activities.

Risk management strategies are formulated and implemented to ensure risks are effectively addressed and managed. These strategies are also aimed at balancing risks with business objectives and ensuring growth plans are supported by a well-defined and effective risk infrastructure. It is a primary source of risk for Bank Muamalat as retail and wholesale financing portfolios as well as investment securities constitute the bulk of its financial assets.

The documents also cover policies on approving authorities, pricing, credit risk rating, prudential monitoring limits, credit risk mitigation, review process, rehabilitation and restructuring, credit impairment, and loss provisioning. The policies are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness.

Credit risk management involves measurement, mitigation and management of credit risk exposures at every stage of the credit life cycle. At origination and onboarding, business units are guided by the credit underwriting standards, rating models, mitigation strategies, and pricing policy.

Credit proposals are subjected to independent evaluation and risk assessment prior to approval. Credit limits are sanctioned under a well-defined approving authority structure to ensure credit decision making are undertaken under prudent and proper governance.

These authority limits are approved by the Board and are subject to periodic review to ensure its effectiveness and compliance. Reports on trend and movements, limit exposures and risk profiling are produced and deliberated at risk management committees on monthly basis. Exposures to delinquent and problematic financing assets are monitored and managed by an independent support unit that focuses and specializes on restructuring and recovery activities.

Early warning triggers are used to identify potentially distressed accounts to initiate timely remedial actions. Such exposures are actively monitored to ensure delinquencies and defaults are kept within tolerable levels. The framework covers key risk management practices such as risk identification, measurement, mitigation, monitoring and control, which are performed under a formal governance and oversight structure. The risk of such adverse changes arising from fluctuations in interest rates is managed through our Asset-Liability Management ALM activities.

The main focus of ALM is on the overall performance that can be measured in terms of net income. In turn, the primary determinant of net income will be the overall risk-return position of the Bank. Rate of return risk refers to the variability of assets and liabilities arising from volatility of market benchmark rates which impact portfolios both in the trading and banking books.

Such changes may adversely affect both earnings and economic value. Bank Muamalat uses various measurement tools and analyses to study the impact of market rate changes on earnings and balance sheet profile to manage the said exposure. In addition, the value at risk VaR approach is used to estimate the maximum potential loss of an investment portfolio over a specified time. Risk tolerance limit are built along these sensitivity measurement to manage and mitigate the related risk exposures.

The Bank will incur liquidity risk if it is unable to create liquidity and this has serious implications on its reputation and continued existence. Operational risk is defined as the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and system or from various external events. It may occur anywhere within the organization, including in third-party business processes, and is not limited to operation functions. The effects of operational risk may extend beyond financial losses and may result in legal and reputational risk impacts.

Through active balance sheet management, the Bank ensures sufficient cash and liquid assets are made available to meet short and long term obligations. The primary focus of liquidity management is to assess all cash inflows against outflows to identify the potential for any net shortfall going forward.

This includes funding requirements for off-balance sheet commitments. Bank Muamalat pays particular attention to its ability to cover any shortfall in liquidity for up to one month time period followed by a medium-term assessment of liquidity of up to one year. To mitigate the risk, the Bank employs a funding diversification strategy and establishes a liquidity contingency plan.

For ongoing management and monitoring of liquidity and funding positions, Bank Muamalat establishes risk tolerance and limits within the applicable risk appetite metrics and provides monthly reporting of its asset, liability and liquidity positioning.

The Bank has also established a comprehensive liquidity crisis contingency framework with set triggers and management action plan. To ensure its readiness in dealing with liquidity crisis, Bank Muamalat has set up a pre-crisis management framework with a built-in and structured crisis response mechanism, which allows quick identification of potential liquidity crisis before it occurs.

The process involves continuous monitoring of various indicators which act as early-warning signals of impending crisis situation in different severity levels. Operational Risk Management ORM therefore focuses on effective management of risks to minimize possible financial and non-financial losses arising from operational lapses. The management of operational risks is targeted at preventing risk events and damages by in-process and managerial controls , handling critical situations via contingency plans and business continuity management BCM and mitigating potential losses collaterals.

By establishing and operating a system of control procedures that commensurate with its risks, Bank Muamalat aims to limit its exposure to an acceptable level in accordance with the risk appetite. The Bank uses a web-based application, known as the Muamalat Operational Risk Solution MORiS , as a tool to identify and assess risks, track risk exposures against key risk indicators KRI , and to gather and store data on loss incidences and near-misses.

Business Continuity Plan BCP is prepared based on risk assessments and business impact analyses performed on identified potential threats to business functions. The main responsibilities include formulation of policies and guidelines on Shariah risk management and executing the required governance and oversight processes.

These include the approaches for identification and assessment of Shariah non-compliance risks in business activities, products and services, and assessment of the effectiveness of existing controls and mitigation plan. SRMU also performs assessment of products, services and operating procedures from Shariah risk perspective and conducts training and awareness programme on Shariah risk to promote a Shariah compliance risk culture.

The risk may result from incorrect assumptions about external or internal factors, inappropriate business plans, ineffective business strategy execution, or failure to respond in a timely manner to changes in the regulatory, macroeconomic or competitive environments.

In assessing and managing strategic risk, Bank Muamalat looks at risks associated with its current and future business plans and strategies and identify situations which can be of potential threat towards achieving the strategic objectives. These may include plans for entering into new businesses, expansion of existing products and services, and enhancement or replacement of infrastructure, such as those involving information technology, networking and outsourcing. Reputational risk generally arises from failure to effectively manage all other types of risks.

Bank Muamalat therefore places high importance on overall risk governance and in particular, on ensuring compliance to the Shariah tenets. As a full-fledged Islamic financial institution, negative perception by its customers and other stakeholders could lead to significant and sustained brand damage and other adverse consequences.

Bank Muamalat manages reputational risk through established policies and controls in its businesses and risk management processes to mitigate risks in a timely manner and through proactive monitoring and identification of potential reputational risk events. The integrated risk governance structure provides oversight of all risks including those which could potentially lead to reputational risks.

To ensure its readiness to respond to a potential risk event, Bank Muamalat assesses its internal capability to manage reputation risk and understand the external impact of the risk event materializing. The processes and procedures to respond to events that give rise to reputational risk include educating individuals and organizations that influence public opinion, external communication strategies to mitigate the risk, and informing key stakeholders of potential reputational risks.

Managing reputational risk is the responsibility of all individuals within the organization, particularly those who are directly involved in making commercial decisions in their respective functions or business lines. These are the primary parties responsible for managing compliance risk and obligations, and the delivery of compliant outcomes. The Compliance Department represents the 2nd line of defence, ensuring Bank Muamalat manages its risks holistically. The 3rd line of defence is formed by the Internal Audit Department, which provides independent assurance to the Board of Directors that the overall Compliance Policy operates as intended.

Common Reporting Standards Common Reporting Standards CRS is an initiative that involves governments obtaining information from their financial institutions and exchanging data automatically with other nations. Other information relating to the subsidiaries are disclosed in Note 11 to the financial statements. In the opinion of the directors, the results of the operations of the Group and of the Bank during the financial year were not substantially affected by any item, transaction or event of a material and unusual nature.

The directors do not recommend the payment of any dividend in respect of the current financial year. Since the end of the previous financial year, no director has received or become entitled to receive a benefit other than benefits included in the aggregate amount of emoluments received or due and receivable by the directors or the fixed salary of a full-time employee of the Bank as shown in Note 34 to the financial statements by reason of a contract made by the Bank or a related corporation with any director or with a firm of which he is a member, or with a company in which he has a substantial financial interest, except for certain directors who received remuneration from a subsidiary company of the holding company.

As at the date of this report, the directors are not aware of any circumstances not otherwise dealt with in this report or the financial statements which would render: i the amount written off for bad debts, or the amount of the allowance for doubtful debts in the financial statements of the Group and of the Bank inadequate to any substantial extent; and ii the values attributed to current assets in the financial statements of the Group and of the Bank misleading.

As at the date of this report, the directors are not aware of any circumstances which have arisen which would render adherence to the existing method of valuation of assets or liabilities of the Group and of the Bank misleading or inappropriate. In the opinion of the directors: i no contingent or other liability has become enforceable or is likely to become enforceable within the period of twelve 12 months after the end of the financial year which will or may affect the ability of the Group or of the Bank to meet their obligations when they fall due; and ii no item, transaction or event of a material and unusual nature has arisen in the interval between the end of the financial year and the date of this report which is likely to affect substantially the results of the operations of the Group and of the Bank for the financial year in which this report is made.

Total Distributable Income and Net Income rose by The increase in total net income was primarily contributed by higher investment income, gain from sale of investment securities and higher writeback of impairment on financing. In addition, income attributable to depositors was lower by 0. However, these favourable movements were offset by fair valuation loss on financial investments designated at fair value through profit or loss, and loss from foreign exchange transactions.

The Group has maintained consistent growth in total assets which has expanded to RM This was largely contributed by the 3. PROSPECTS Global economic recovery took place amid world-wide political uncertainties, rising geopolitical tension coupled with the gradual growth seen in most commodity prices. Full year GDP growth was at 5. Domestic economic growth is expected to remain resilient with modest performance anticipated in the banking sector.

Keen competition for deposits will lead to higher funding costs, weighing down on the performance of the banks. The Bank also believes that, the demand in Islamic Banking industry especially in the area of Islamic Investment solution will remain strong for the coming year. Against this backdrop, the Bank will continue to ride on its 5-year business plan, focusing on selective areas of growth to ensure it remains competitive in the current banking landscape. Moving forward, more emphasis will be given towards delivering impact-based initiatives that could help to uplift the socio-economic standards of the surrounding community and promote financing for positive environmental and cultural impact activities.

The main duties and responsibilities of the Shariah Committee are as follows: a To discharge their duties and responsibilities as Shariah Committee member in accordance with Laws and Regulations in respect of duties and obligations of the Shariah Committee member, and be responsible and accountable for all Shariah decisions, opinions and views provided by them. Members of the Shariah Committee should maintain all information in strict confidence, except when disclosure is authorised by the Bank or required by law.

The Bank does not pay zakat on behalf of the shareholders or depositors. For the year ended 31 March , the Bank has allocated an amount of RM6. Signed on behalf of the Board in accordance with a resolution of the directors dated 1 June We have also conducted our review to form an opinion as to whether the Bank has complied with the Shariah principles and with the Shariah rulings issued by the Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia, as well as Shariah decisions made by us.

The Management of the Bank is primarily responsible to ensure that the financial institution conducts its business in accordance with Shariah principles. It is our responsibility to form an independent opinion, based on our review of the operations of the Bank and to report to you. We planned and performed our review by obtaining all the information and explanations which we considered necessary in order to provide us with sufficient evidence to give reasonable assurance that the Bank has not violated the Shariah principles and to rectify to our reasonable satisfaction the matters that required improvements toward Shariah compliance.

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