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forex trend strength indicators

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Opdax tick chart forex

opdax tick chart forex

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The red line denotes the open and on the time based chart, the first 30 minutes has a run up in price. Unless you were in that right at the open, there is no chance to get into the move. On the tick chart, we have a price range at the open that lasts for 12 minutes before price runs up. The price action on the tick chart gives you ample opportunity to make money to the upside. Later in the day, while the time based chart ranges, the tick chart gives you trading opportunities inside that range.

From a trading opportunity view, the tick chart will give you greater chances of getting a trade off than the time based chart will. A time based chart has to plot every N minutes which can lead to a chart that is messy. Our tick chart can highlight the price movement that forms the time chart , and either print less candlesticks or bars , or more depending on the market. The vertical lines highlights the same time period.

While the 5 minute day trading time based chart seems to drift down into a range, the tick chart gives pullbacks you can short on the way down. The range shows the price pattern of lower highs coming in which can give you an early warning of the breakout. Big money moves the market and due to the nature of tick charts, adding volume to the mix gives you a good look into when the big guns are stepping in.

This is the same chart as above but I have added volume to the charts. The red arrow highlights the same point in time. Big volume on the tick chart is actually a small green candlestick. There is not a big showing of volume on the top time based chart. Even more importantly, the white arrow highlights a large red candlestick breaking out of the range. This would bring in breakout traders to the downside. But volume the candle before tipped the hand — this was a false breakout.

Astute traders would have faded the breakout and as you can see on the next candle, price took back half of the red candle. Tick charts use the same data as time based charts. You are seeing the same thing, price, but shown differently. With time based charts, you need to wait N number of minutes before the bar closes. This can often times have you miss large moves or at least have you needing a bigger risk on the trade. The issue with Forex is that there is no centralized exchange so real tick readings are impossible.

I get it, many people only have enough capital to trade the spot Forex market and not actual futures. There is nothing stopping you from using currency futures to chart the price movement and then using your spot account to place the trade. The tick chart, hands down, give you a much better view of the price action. The high of the day on the 10 minute time chart appears as momentum.

However, if you look at the highs on the tick charts, we have increased volume without further price advancement. The time based chart would be a tough day trade scalp but plotting the tick chart, trading a support break at highs, gives 20 pips. Remember in Forex, 20 pips, depending on your lot size , can be a small gain or a large gain.

Tick charts are unique in that they will only plot when the desired number of transactions take place. Ultimatly, your choice of tick setting will be the deciding factor. Tick charts will represent the exact number of trades and the volume will be the actual volume of the currency futures. Given that we know how forex tick and volume data is incorrect, the best we can do is use brokers that either are part of an Electronic Communication Network ECN or have multiple liquidity providers.

After all, the bigger the liquidity network of your broker, the more accurate the representation of tick and volume data will be. It will never match the worldwide forex market data, but at least it will probably be a relatively accurate, scaled-down representation of the entire market. With that in mind, you could still use the tick data to get an idea of market activity.

Not ideal, but sometimes an approximation will do. FxPro my current broker is a broker which aggregates liquidity from 22 tier-1 banks and ECNs. It will give a slightly more precise view of the forex market than some other brokers. Companies such as TickData will sell you historical tick data. The feed of tick data is aggregated from over 95 different sources. This will arguably be the closest you can get to having a data feed of the entire forex market.

Mind you, a subscription to some of the tick data companies will not come in cheap. What is your view on tick data and volume data in forex? Are you using tick data to trade forex? Let us know in the comments! FX and futures trader, using price action, market profile and order flow to trade markets.

I also have an interest in trading psychology and algorithmic trading. Follow me on Twitter: GhostwireTrader. Not for spot forex traders at least. Forex tick charts A tick in the context of forex tick charts is the change in price of a forex pair caused by a single trade. Tick charts have a couple of benefits: They show momentum and strength much better than time-based bars. It allows you to anticipate big moves. This results in more pronounced trend structures that are easier to trade.

They compress periods of low activity. If little trading happens, new bars will take a long time to be printed, which might result in cleaner charts. On forex data For that, we need to take a step back.

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ES Futures Trading June, 16 -2000 tick chart- opdax tick chart forex

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